AA Degree Recommended Course Rotation and Degree Timeline

Courses for the associate of arts degree are not offered every semester.  Instead the courses are rotated on average of once every three semesters.  This rotation is in place to ensure that students build a strong academic foundation prior to taking upper level courses.

AA Recommended Course Rotation

Students should complete courses using the following guide.

  • Courses that should be completed within the first 24 credit hours:
    • Academic Achievement – INT 113
    • Writing – ENGL 060, and/or ENGL 106, in addition to PHIL 101
    • Math – MATH 060, and/or MATH 111 or Math 112
    • Information Literacy – INT 117
  • Courses that should be completed during the first 40 hours:
    • Communication – COM 101, COM 224
    • Arts and Humanities – FNAR 248, HIS 250
    • Social Sciences – PSYC 100, SOCY 101, POLS 102
    • Science – ENVS 102
    • Religious Studies and Ethics – RST 289, PHIL 252
  • Course that should be taken after completion of at least 36 credit hours:
    • Area of Emphasis Courses
    • Capstone (should be the last course taken in the program)

Please note, if a student takes courses outside of the guidelines above, the student may delay graduation.

Degree Timeline

The associate of arts degree is considered to be a two year program.  However, the timeline for degree completion will depend on several factors:

  1. The number of courses a student takes each semester
  2. The number of consecutive semesters during which a student is registered.
  3. The number of Collegiate Bridge Courses needed.

It is possible for students to complete the program in two years.  However, to do so would require a student take 4 courses every semester, including summer.