SGC Packets Due

September 6, 2022 - 4:00 pm
Student Activities Main 223

Interested in being a student leader? Make sure to stop by Main 223 to drop off your Student Government Council packet.



Green Class (Class of 2026) President

Green Class (Class of 2026) Vice President

Blue Class (Class of 2025) Vice President

Red Class (Class of 2024) President

Red Class (Class of 2024) Vice President

Campus Activities Association (CAA) Vice President

Commuter Student Council (CSC) Vice President

Residence Hall Council (RHC) President

Residence Hall Council (RHC) Vice President

The College of Arts and Sciences Student Government Council (CAS-SGC) is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration among student organizations, the student body at large, and the Trinity Washington University administration.

The purpose of the CAS Student Government Council is to advocate for the well-being of the Trinity Washington University student body. The CAS-SGC is comprised of undergraduate student representatives from student organizations and from important stakeholder groups. Through its work with the Trinity Administration, the CAS-SGC will provide programming to students, serve as an advocate to the Administration on students behalf, operate as a non-traditional model of student governance, and shall serve to foster women’s leadership development.