Red Class of 2024 Cap Decorating

May 14, 2024 - 11:00 am
Main 100

The Red Class of 2024 will come together to decorate their graduation caps!

Graduation Cap Decorating Guidelines: May 2024

Decorations on graduation caps (mortar boards) are a symbol of pride and accomplishment. The decorations represent personalized statements about accomplishments that can be presented in the form of a quote, an image, a symbol, a flag or other things.

To ensure that commencement exercises remain dignified celebrations of achievement of all students, the following rules must be followed when decorating caps for graduation:

  • Decorations should not interfere with attaching the tassel to the cap.
  • Only the flat top of the Trinity-issued black cap may be decorated.
  • Decorations may not hang off the sides of the cap.
  • Large embellishments may not interfere with the view of students seated behind you.
  • Graduation caps must not have any advertisements, symbols, words or slogans conveying messages inappropriate at an academic commencement ceremony.
  • Caps must not threaten the safety of others or use any hate speech of any kind.
  • Obscene, profane or vulgar language is expressly prohibited.
  • Words or items diminishing or slandering toward any individual or institution, the University, any faculty or staff member, and/or any student are prohibited on graduation caps.
  • Caps must be consistent with the code of conduct for Trinity Washington University.
  • Decorations are prohibited on the academic gown and hood.


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