Car Theft Prevention

Use the following tips to keep make your car, and items kept within it, safer from crime.

  • Never leave the car unlocked. Before you lock it, make sure you have your keys.
  • At night, park in a well-lit area.
  • Always close all windows, especially the vent window, lock them and activate the anti-theft device.
  • Put any valuables or packages in the trunk. Leaving valuable items in full view invites thieves.
  • Never leave the title or registration in the car. Thieves can use these important documents to sell the car or impersonate you if challenged by the police.
  • Control your keys. Keep your car keys and house keys on separate rings. Never have an identification tag such as a miniature license plate or name plate on your key ring. Never hide an extra key in or on the car, criminals know where to look for extra keys.