Policy: Governance & Organizations

Student Self-Governance

Along with the Honor System, student self-governance is an essential Trinity tradition and educational enterprise. Since the earliest days of student life at Trinity, students have sought to govern their own affairs responsibly, in partnership with the University’s administration and faculty, but with a degree of independence that also reflects Trinity’s expectations for student growth and development. Students in all of Trinity’s programs and schools form their student governance bodies with the guidance of the Deans of each school and the Dean of Student Services.

Student Organizations

Various clubs and organizations conduct activities on Trinity’s campus. While most student clubs and organizations operate as part of the Trinity Student Government, some operate with Trinity’s permission as affiliates of outside organizations. Permission to operate on Trinity’s campus does not mean that Trinity recognizes or endorses the opinions or positions of the student organization. Trinity expects all student clubs and organizations to conduct their affairs with respect for Trinity’s mission, and within the polices for all personnel on Trinity’s campus.