Student Resources

Trinity is committed to providing all students with a wide array of services and support to help them succeed academically and to become leaders in their professional, civic, and family lives. Trinity students take advantage of the many resources provided by the University.

Academic Services Center

The Academic Services Center (ASC) provides co-curricular programs to support Trinity’s academic mission. The programs offered are committed to the value of a liberal arts education, to the development of leadership skills, and to the development of lifelong learning that will enable students to meet the challenges of a constantly changing world. The programs offered by ASC include research assistance and Library collections; tutoring; study skills and student life planning; support advocacy for students with disabilities; international student support; writing assistance; and learning skills workshops on topics such as managing time, taking tests, managing math and testing anxiety, understanding learning styles, and taking notes.

Career Services

The Academic Services Center provides Career Services, which offer diverse career planning materials designed to support and empower Trinity students and alumnae as they make career choices and life transitions. The workshops, personal counseling sessions, and online resources offered by ASC allow students to develop skills for advancing themselves professionally. Numerous resources teach students how to write resumés and cover letters, conduct employment searches, interview successfully, and make important career decisions.

Disability Student Services

Trinity is committed to making the facilities and services of the campus accessible to those with disabilities through reasonable accommodations. Specific requests regarding access should be directed to the Office of Admissions (for prospective students) or the Assistant Director of Academic Services (for enrolled students and visitors). Trinity’s compliance officer for the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act is the Director of Human Resources. For more information, visit Disability Student Services.

Libraries and Library Services

The Academic Services Center houses the Sister Helen Sheehan Library and the Writing Center. The Sheehan Library houses over 250,000 items with an online public catalog, public workstations, access to the World Wide Web, 21 full-text article databases covering a range of disciplines, and wireless access. The Sheehan Library is also affiliated with the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC), which provides access and borrowing privileges to a catalog of more than five million volumes in the libraries of American University, Catholic University, Gallaudet University, George Mason University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Marymount University, and the University of the District of Columbia. The library also enjoys reciprocity agreements with the libraries at the University of Maryland and Howard University which give students and faculty access to these collections and services. In addition to providing individual assistance, the Librarians offer students classes in research skills and information literacy. One of the newest campus computer classrooms, the Educational Technology Leadership Institute (ETLI) Classroom, is located in the Library. The Library is open 80 hours per week each semester and Librarians are always available. For more information, visit The Sister Helen Sheehan Library.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is open during day, evening, and weekend hours to give all undergraduate and graduate students individual feedback about their writing. The Writing Center’s services are free, and its main focus is to help students improve their writing assignments, as well as to cultivate the skills they need to become better writers. The services of the Writing Center are broad, encompassing the various writing needs of Trinity students. The Writing Center Director and mentors assist student writers with all parts of the writing process. During one-to-one consultations, students can discuss specific assignments; share developing drafts; ask questions about composition, grammar and punctuation; and review citation rules and manuscript guidelines required by professional organizations, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and AP. Whether brainstorming for ideas, constructing an organizational structure, developing support, documenting research, or finishing the final draft — our Writing Center Director and Mentors want to help you. The aim of the Writing Center is to not only help students finish their academic writing assignments, but to ultimately help them develop lifelong writing skills. Registered Trinity students can schedule a consultation appointment by calling 202/884-9118. For more information, visit The Writing Center.

Computer Classrooms and Labs

Trinity supports computer classrooms for Macintosh- and Windows-based instruction. In addition to computers in the classrooms, PCs for general use are available in the Academic Computing Center outside the Deli in the Main building, the Library, and the Writing Center. The Academic Computing Center is open seven days a week. Additionally, many classrooms (known as Smart Rooms) are equipped with computers connected to the internet, digital projectors, and smart boards to provide high quality instruction using technology integrated into every aspect of the curriculum. Residence halls are fully wired with high speed internet connections in every room so that students may perform research and class work in a technology-rich environment.

Student Affairs

A key component of the work in Student Affairs is to provide students with information and referrals to campus, crisis and community resources.  Student Affairs is able to offer many resources to students of concern including medical and mental health services; access to the Student Affairs food pantry (short term) and long term referrals; spiritual development; one time emergency financial assistance; short term transportation assistance; conflict resolution and other behavioral interventions.

Health and Counseling Services

The Health and Wellness Center provides a number of services to Trinity students, including medical and counseling services, as well as health education. Health services are provided by nurse practitioners who can diagnose and treat many medical conditions. Referrals can be made to specialists in the community. All full-time and part-time students are eligible to receive care. Additionally, licensed social workers are available to provide individual and group counseling on issues such as managing anxiety, stress, and anger, coping with eating disorders, and responding to sexual assault. All students must carry comprehensive medical insurance while enrolled at Trinity. All full time CAS students are enrolled in the student health insurance plan offered through Trinity, and can submit an annual waiver if they already carry qualified insurance. All other students are eligible to enroll in Trinity’s insurance for themselves and their dependents. For more information, visit The Health and Wellness Center.

Shuttle Service

Free shuttle service to and from the Brookland/Catholic University Metro station is provided for the entire Trinity community. The shuttle runs from the Main Building to the Metro station parking lot. Shuttle schedules are available from the Campus Safety Office.