Position/Title Name Email Phone Number
Director of Athletics Monique McLean mcleanmo@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9097
Head Athletic Trainer Seanta Cleveland clevelands@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9082
Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Jamey Piland pilandj@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9554
Athletic Coordinator/Sports Information/ Randi Bohler bohlerr@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9096
Head Basketball Coach Tiffany Lockett lockettt@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9097
Assistant Basketball Coach
Head Soccer Coach Jason Gross grossja@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9097
Assistant Soccer Coach Nahjla Muhammad
Head Softball Coach Elizabeth Ratke ratkee@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9097
Assistant Softball Coach Myesha Green
Head Tennis Coach Enoch Thompson thompsone@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9097
Assistant Tennis Coach Yashoda Preslyer
Head Volleyball Coach Shinicka Spears spearss@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9097
Assistant Volleyball Coach Khalid Kiker
Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Karen Gerlach GerlachK@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9203


Please refer to the 2019-2020 Student-Athlete handbook for additional information on Trinity Athletics.