Trinity Tigers Spring Into Action Halfway Through The Season

Spring Sports have sprung into action with student athletes participating in the 2023 Spring Sports season!  It has been interesting and exciting every step of the way.  A special shout-out goes to the coaches and athletes for a fantastic spring season so far.  The dedication, sportsmanship, and hard work of every individual involved in our athletic program is greatly appreciated!  Our student-athletes have represented Trinity with integrity and sportsmanship, making our Trinity Community proud.

Women’s Lacrosse:  Overall the team showed marked improvement during the first half of the season, and they hope to continue to build on their successes this year to create a high competitive team in the future.  Coach Christa Burgess is very proud of the team and shouted out her newest member to the team, Binita Diakite.  With her positive energy and grit on defense she helped Trinity score their first goal of the season shot by Na’Kiya Butler . Congratulations to our Triumphant Trinity Tigers!

Women’s Tennis:  The tennis team atmosphere is great, and everyone is supportive.  The tennis team has really put in work this season and its clearly paying off.  The team has some notable highlights with wins in single matches and double matches.  Also shout-out to Coach Enoch for his pickleball session with the Mayor Muriel Bowser, Trinity Athletics is on the rise! Check this article out

We wish our tigers luck as the Tigers continue to prevail and keep a strong Tiger mentality for the remainder of the season.  Up next, The Athletic Department will be celebrating our student athletes for Division III week.  During Division III week, our Tigers will be conducting community outreach activities and celebrating our student athlete’s experiences.


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