The Trinity Tigers New Normal : How We Are Adjusting

WASHINGTON D.C.—-March 12th will be etched into the history of college sports forever. Around 4:00 PM, NCAA President Mark Emmert and the Board of Governors canceled the Division I men’s and women’s remaining spring sports.

Just 24 hours later, Trinity Washington University’s Athletic Director, Monique McLean released a statement declaring the cancellation of all spring athletic activities.

While the rapid spread of public health threat, Covid-19, has thrown everyone into new territories of adaptation, Trinity’s administration, faculty, and staff has made it their top priority to make sure that all students are remaining safe and in good health.

Digital conversion has been pivotal for Trinity Athletics as the Trinity Center has incorporated virtual fitness classes and student-athletes meet virtually with their teammates and athletic administration and staff.

McLean arranged virtual meetings with each Trinity sports team via Google Hangout to encourage “togetherness and sisterhood,” she says. “Each team is given an hour to check in on their overall well-being, family life and ways to cope during these unprecedented times.”

Student-athletes had an opportunity to voice their concerns and vent about their current situations. McLean plans to make these meetings weekly to assure that the student-athletes’ mental health remains strong and that they know that they are still all a part of the Trinity Athletics family.

“We had wonderful conversations and the energy was extremely positive. It was nice to see familiar faces and the excitement was surprisingly overwhelming. We discussed Covid-19 and the precautions that we are taking to keep ourselves and our families safe. It hasn’t been easy, but we are all invested in getting through this together,” says McLean.

The student-athletes were also updated on fall registration, returning resident room selection, and resources that are still available virtually.