Coach Ratke Talks Goals and Success for Softball in Season Preview!

WASHINGTON D.C.— In only hours, Trinity Washington University’s softball team, led by head coach, Elizabeth Ratke and assistant, Myesha Green, will take the field. The women will take on host, Gallaudet University in a doubleheader at 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM. Trinity Athletics writer sat with Coach Ratke to hear her thoughts on the upcoming season. Here’s what she had to say:

Trinity Athletics (TA): Hi coach, thanks for sitting down with us today! We see that you have far more  ladies on your team than last year; all who are excited for the season. Can you tell us what your goals are for your team this season?

Coach Ratke (CR): We have a few goals for this upcoming season, but one big one is to win some games. I think this year we have some great potential for our returning players, and from new players who have come out to join our team. Our second big goal is to come together as a unit, and support each other on an off the field. I always tell the girls it’s bigger than a softball.

TA: You mentioned before that last year was about building and learning softball fundamentals. How do you think you all will transition this year? Will this season be different?

CR: Last year was my first year at Trinity, and it was a learning year for the girls and myself. This year will be different because we are building upon that foundation, and we have new players who have experience that bring in different qualities. We are ready to kick this season off with a positive fresh start!

TA: Can you talk a bit about some key factors that will bring success this season as well as key contributors to your team?

CR: We have a large roster of girls, and we need every single girl on and off the field to pick each other up during the games! This will be key because it will bring unity! Second, it will be to shake off errors when they are made during the game. [Key contributors to the team will be:]

Kelly Lee [is our] senior pitcher who is returning for her final year, and has really stepped up thus far for the team. She has taken a leadership position, and has really worked hard on her pitching skills.

Heaven Thomas [is a] catcher who has played multiple positions for us last year, but we have developed her into a catcher. She started catching last year, and really stepped into the role nicely. She is very motivated, and ready to take on the games.

Jasmine McKnight [is a] versatile player who comes with softball experience. She comes motivated, and ready to play. We are excited to see what she is going to bring to our team this season!

TA: OK! We will be looking out for them along with the rest of the team! Thank you for sitting down with us, and we wish you all a great season! Go Tigers!

Senior softball captain for the Tigers, Kelly Lee shared her thoughts on what her role will entail this year by saying that she wants “to make sure that there is always a team-oriented environment and that we form tight bonds.” Lee believes that a challenge that they must overcome to win games is communication.

The Tigers will start their season with four away games, including their debut against the Gallaudet Bison tonight. They will then take on PSU Dubois on March 15th, Cairn on March 17th, and Notre Dame of Maryland on the 19th before their first home game against Lincoln University on March 20th.