The Tigers Record First Win of the Season Against Central Penn.

On October 17th, the Tigers defeated Central Penn 5-1, and both teams supported to fight against breast cancer in their pink jerseys.

Here’s a look inside the numbers:

The Tigers started early, with freshman, Maribel Ramirez scoring the first goal within five minutes of the first half. Central Penn tried to respond right away, but nationally ranked goalie, Emily Andino, saved both attempts. Freshman striker, Brittany Smith then scored for the Tigers, increasing the lead to 2-0 over Central Penn. Mari Ramirez wasn’t too far behind with yet another goal scored, 3-0, but was quickly answered with a goal scored by Central Penn, 3-1, just before the half ended.

The second half on the pitch was a complete shutdown by the Tigers with them allowing no goals and Emily Andino having 4 saves. In the last 15 minutes Ramirez scored her 3rd goal, and Nikolay Mckennis also got a goal in, finishing off their Central Penn defeat with a score of 5-1.

We caught up with freshman, Maribel Ramirez, who finished the game with 3 goals, after the game. Here’s what she had to say:

Trinity Athletics What was your mindset coming into this game?

Maribel Ramirez I have to get to the ball! That was my mindset. I knew it was a winnable game, so I had to run and be first [to the ball].

TA How did getting your first win feel?

MR Honestly it felt GREAT! It’s an incredible sensation when you realize WE WON! The hard work pays off. I felt amazing.

TA What did you all do differently that may have put you all in a better position during the game?

MR We, as a team, came together as family on the field which put us in a better position when it came to communication and getting things done together. We came into the game, [saying] “this is a winnable game, we have to get it, it’s ours!”

TA What did you execute to score those 3 goals for your team?

MR Personally, in this game I was put as a winger, so I feel that that gave us an advantage, having some speed at the top of the field to lead the ball up and give the rest of the team time to close in to our opponent which led us to score and get our first W.

TA What should be the focus to win your next game?

MR We just need to come up with the same positive attitude and determination as we did with Central Penn!

The Tigers play their final home game against Gallaudet on October 24th, 2019 at 4:45 for senior night at the Trinity Soccer field.