Volleyball Records Their First Win of the Season Against Medgar Evers!

The Tigers volleyball team served as the highlight of the week after winning their first match of the season with a three-set sweep over Medgar Evers college on 10/09/19: 25-18, 25-20, 25-18. Both Davia Cain, freshman, and Naysha Carasquillo, senior who also leads the team in aces, scored eight points each for the Tigers in service aces. Senior, Alyssa King was also a key component in the esteemed victory with her 12 digs, 4 assists, 1 kill, and 1 ace. Team captain and senior, Kenna Brooks lead her team to victory with 6 kills, 1 ace, 16 digs, and 2 blocks to further her team lead in blocks, kills, and digs.

Brooks did not only lead her team statistically, but as captain she felt a responsibility to embody the role as a leader both mentally and emotionally for her teammates: “They look to me for guidance and support; whether it be to help fix mistakes or to commend them on a good hustle [for the ball]. All I care about is the hustle and giving our all on the court whether we win or lose.”

At their games, during many “Ball’s up!” and “Mine!” and the cheers of the fans, you may hear   a few of the ladies’ yell “CHP!” from the bench or in a team huddle

This win was primarily due to those three, seemingly, ordinary words, but they mean everything to Tiger Volleyball: “CHP,” Brooks said, “means communication, hustle, and positivity.”

Brooks says that head coach, Shinicka Spears, has instilled in them, “hustling the entire time, communication being key, and being accountable for each other’s mistakes while keeping the energy up.”