Policy: Documentation of Leave Taken

I. Policy

Exempt staff are required to complete a monthly report of leave taken and send it to the Office of Human Resources.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all exempt employees of the College.

III. Procedures

Exempt employees are responsible for submitting a monthly leave report by the 15th of each month for leave taken in the previous month. (i.e. leave taken in January would be reported by February 15th).

The Monthly Leave Report is available from the Office of Human Resources or electronically on the Human Resources web site under forms.

Monthly Leave Reports must be reviewed and signed by the employee’s manager.

All leave taken must be fully reported.

Documentation must be attached for jury duty and leave without pay.

The responsibilities of exempt employees may require work beyond 40 hours and outside of the official business hours of the College in order to fulfill the duties of the position and to achieve the goals of the department. Trinity does not practice ‘compensatory time’ for exempt or non-exempt employees.

Major medical leave cannot be used for routine sick days, which are covered under general leave, but rather, this leave is intended to protect the employee in the event of a major medical event (e.g., maternity, major surgery or catastrophic illness, similar family medical needs). In order to use this type of leave, employees must notify the Director of Human Resources who will provide additional directions regarding necessary documentation and approval for use of major medical leave.

Failure to complete this report in a timely manner may result in a delay in processing your paycheck. In addition, this is a College record and any falsification of the information may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.