To place materials on Reserve, please submit a completed Reserve Request Form below. You may drop off the course materials anytime during the library’s operating hours.  Physical copies of the Form are available in the Library.

Please follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. Allow at least a week in order to process your list. DUE TO THE PANDEMIC, BOOKS WILL BE ISOLATED FOR A FEW DAYS BEFORE BEING PROCESSED. Early receipt of Reserve Request Forms will ensure timely processing of Reserves.
  1. Complete a Reserve Request Form for each course, noting your name, the course name and number, your home phone number, office extension, and email address.  Please include the   author, title and source of each item as it appears on your syllabus.

NOTE: Check our Catalog to see if we have your request already available to place on Reserve. The library will not purchase course materials for reserves. Please look into the head of your departments to provide one or provide own copy.

  1. The Circulation Department cannot provide the following services, because of limited resources, staffing, National Interlibrary Loan Codes, and/or Federal Copyright Law:
    • Photocopying of items to be placed on Reserve (you may provide your own 8 1/2”x 11” copy).
    • Placing items on Reserve that are obtained through Interlibrary Loan.
    • Purchasing additional copies to accommodate class size.
  2. Faculty may request the removal of items from the Reserve list at any time.  Allow at least 72 hours for processing any changes in your Reserves list during the term.  All remaining materials will be removed on the last day of the term. All items not picked up within 3 months after notification will either be returned via campus mail or be considered the library’s property.

Your cooperation in meeting the deadlines will ensure that we can process your Reserve materials promptly and efficiently.  Please take into account our processing time when making student assignments.  Thank you!

Reserve Request Form

  • (e.g., Title: Intro. To Sociology; Course: SOC 100WE)
  • **For any Photocopy, please include the citation
  • Author of Reserve MaterialTitle of Reserve MaterialCall#/Personal Copy (PC) 
    Use the "+" button to add more rows

    Please allow 3 working days for processing reserves BEFORE ASSIGNING materials to your class.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 49 MB.