Facility Services Staff

Mr. William (Bill) Shaffer, Director of Facility Services

Mr. Shaffer oversees the Maintenance, Grounds and Housekeeping of Facility Services. He is responsible for any improvements/projects to the Trinity buildings and Campus.

ShafferW@trinitydc.edu  202-884-9134 | Office location: Main B32

Andres Marin – Grounds and Special Projects Manager

Andres Marin is our veteran manager; serving the Trinity community with 30+ years of service!! Andres is responsible for caring for the Grounds of Trinity campus. When improvements/projects arise to Trinity’s buildings, Andres assist in these efforts as well.

marina@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9134 | Office location: Main B32


Nandi Butler Custodial Manager

Nandi Butler is responsible for housekeeping and room set-ups on the campus.

ButlerN@trinitydc.edu  202-884-9134 | Office location: Main B32