Green Thread: Because it Matters….

It is hard to go a day without someone talking about what can be done to help the environment and go Green.  The bottom line is, everything we do has an effect on our world.  There are things we can do to play a part in keeping the environment safe.  The Facilities Department would like to share a few things that we are doing, as well as tips to help you save at home.

The four main initiatives of Green Thread are:

  1. Waste Stream Management,
  2. Responsible Procurement,
  3. Energy and Water Conservation, and
  4. Transportation.

Waste Stream Management
Recycle- Trinity recycles paper, plastics, cardboard, aluminum, ink cartridges, and cell phone.  The ink cartridge and cell phone recycle bins are located in the basement of Main Hall by the Trinity Deli and support Trinity’s Green Leaders Association.  The remaining items can be placed in bins that are located throughout the university.

Responsible Procurement
We partner with suppliers who work to reduce source packaging, recycle waste to create raw materials, and utilize green chemicals.

Energy & Water Conservation
We have been actively converting all lights at Trinity to energy efficient bulbs.  Currently green chemicals and water efficient machines are used in the Dorms, Trinity Center, and Main Hall.  See the energy and water saving tips to the left for things you can do at Trinity or in your home.

Trinity provides a shuttle 7 days a week to transport people back and forth from Brookland Metro.  There are also bike racks on campus for our cycling friends.

Environmental Tips

  • Turn out light and electronics when leaving a room.
  • Convert regular bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs.  One 60 Watt bulb is equivalent to one 13 Watt compact bulb.
  • When shopping for appliances look for the Energy Star logo.
  • Wash on full loads of  laundry.
  • Make sure the dryer vent is cleaned out after each load.


Nationwide competition starting in January and open to any university or college.  Check back to see what you can do to help Trinity win.