Religious Studies


Sr. Camilla Burns, SND, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies (program chair)
Sr. Mary Johnson, SND, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies


The religious studies program provides students with an opportunity to explore religion for informed global citizenship in a religiously pluralistic world and to explore perennial human questions concerning ultimate meaning and value.  Because of its formative role in Western culture, Christianity serves as the point of departure for the academic study of theology; the Catholic tradition provides a focus because of Trinity’s own origins in the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.  Inspired by the global mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame and the vision of Vatican II, the program is committed to ecumenical and interfaith dialogue.

This program is an essential part of the general education curriculum in the College of Arts and Sciences, and its courses are designed to complement and support the major programs.  Additionally, the program offers a minor to students in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Program objectives for students include:

  • To analyze, evaluate and appreciate specific religious beliefs and worldviews.
  • To increase her ability to acquire an understanding of spiritual traditions and develop her own personal stance toward life.
  • To better understand and respect religious and cultural diversity as well as to encourage a firm commitment to social justice and a sense of responsibility for the global society.

Minor Requirements

Choose SIX of the following courses:

  • RST 101 Religion and Human Experience
  • RST 102 Religions of the World
  • RST 105 Introduction to Bible
  • RST 201 Religion: Ritual & Symbol
  • RST 202 Sociology of Religion
  • RST 204 Western Religions
  • RST 205 Eastern Religions
  • RST 210 Introduction to Old Testament
  • RST 215 Introduction to the New Testament
  • RST 220 Introduction to Christianity
  • RST 222 Christian Spirituality
  • RST 223 Christ, the Church & Social Justice
  • RST 230 Religion & Politics: Citizen and Believer
  • RST 240 Religion and Ethics
  • RST 250 Indigenous Religions
  • RST 265 Western Religion and the Family
  • RST 301 Religion and Culture
  • RST 305 Religion and Economics
  • RST 307 Religion and Women
  • RST 310 Interpreting Biblical Texts
  • RST 328 Paul & Book Revelation
  • RST 330 Gospels Tradition and Acts
  • RST 353 Sociology of Health Care and Religion

Program Policies

General Education: Values and Beliefs:
ANY RST course fulfills the above requirement.

Advanced Placement:
Credits earned through AP examinations do not fulfill requirements of the minor.

CLEP Policy:
Credits earned through CLEP examinations do not fulfill requirements of the minor.

Grades in Required Courses:
Students are required to earn a grade of “C” (2.0) or better in all courses counted to fulfill requirements for the minor.

Pass/No Pass:
Courses in the minor may not be taken pass/no pass.

TELL Policy:
TELL credits will not count toward the minor in religious studies.

Transfer Credits:
The religious studies program does not accept transfer credits for the minor; all course work must be completed at Trinity.