Sr. Camilla Burns

Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies

Phone: 202-884-9213
Office: Main 187


  • B.A., Physics/Math, Trinity College
  • M.S., Chemistry, Notre Dame University, IN
  • M.A., New Testament, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago
  • Ph.D., Old Testament, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley


  • Sigma Pi Sigma, Trinity

Select Works Published

  • The Mystery of the Unfolding Universe and the implications for theology and spirituality
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Preparation is vital for successful learning. A cup of knowledge shared with the students requires a bucket of preparation. The material presented should be cognizant of different modes of learning - aural, visual, conceptual, concrete etc. Engage the whole person not just the intellect but the heart as well. Capture the interest of the students by relating the material to their life experiences and the rest will follow. Foster their interaction with each other and the subject matter. Appreciate the rich variety of experiences that students bring to class and never underestimate the courage and tenacity required of them to be in college.