What is Starfish?

  • Starfish is a place that you can connect with all the people on campus who are in your support network to get the support and services you need to be successful!
  • You can login to Starfish using your regular Trinity credentials
  • You’ll see all the people and services in YOUR success network – your advisor, your professors, your Dean, and so much more.
  • You can use Starfish to make an appointment to meet with your advisor and professors and/or to send them an email (click on the three dots to the right of their name for all the options).
  • Your professors and advisors may also assign you to-do’s, give you kudos, or raise a flag if it looks like you are getting off track. You’ll get an email and maybe a text when this happens but you’ll also be able to see all of these in your Starfish profile.
  • You can also “raise your hand” in Starfish and ask for help when you need it – we’ll make sure the right person reaches out and helps you!