How do I know who my advisor is and how can I reach them?

  • Every student is assigned to a primary advisor, usually this is a professional advisor but as you progress through your degree, you may be transferred to a faculty advisor who can help you with professional mentoring.
  • You can see who your assigned primary advisor can be seen in by logging into Starfish with your regular Trinity login credentials. You advisor will be listed under “My Success Network”
  • You can use Starfish to make an appointment to meet with your advisor and/or to send them an email (click on the three dots to the right of their name for all the options).
  • If you ever need assistance and for some reason you are unable to reach your advisor you can email the professional advising email for the college you are in OR and they can help you!
  • If you would like to change your advisor, you should speak with both your old and new advisor and then complete a Change of Advisor Request