Congratulations to all students who are graduating this week with the Class of 2024, a great Red Class!  I am delighted to share some of the very moving, powerful stories of members of this class.  If you’d like to share yours, we still have time!  Send me a paragraph and a photo to president@trinitydc.edu

Eric Mullins, SPS, BA in Health Services

My name is Eric Mullins, and I am a third-generation Washingtonian from Southeast DC, a community where many do not achieve a high school diploma or college degree.

In Langston Hughes’ poem “Mother to Son,” he writes, “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.” This sentiment resonates deeply with me. However, I embrace my journey and am grateful for the person I have become. As the eldest of six children growing up in public housing, I quickly assumed significant responsibilities. An absent father and the murder of my mother placed me under my grandmother’s care, requiring me to step up even more to provide for our basic needs. Adversity has been a constant companion, but so has my determination to overcome it.

My educational journey has been filled with challenges. Navigating the DC public education system left me feeling unprepared, and coupled with a learning disability, feelings of inadequacy were frequent. Nevertheless, I viewed every obstacle as an opportunity. I took additional classes after high school to prepare for post-secondary education and sought mentorship to guide me. This support system has been crucial to my growth. I have balanced a full-time job while being a part-time student at Trinity for many years.

I enrolled at Trinity in 2010 and began my educational journey in 2011. It has been a long and transformative experience. I started my associate’s program at TheARC offsite Trinity campus in Ward 8. Throughout my academic career, I faced numerous ups and downs, primarily due to feeling inadequate compared to my peers because of my learning disability, ADHD. Additionally, I struggled with self-advocacy. Although Trinity offered accommodations and professors were supportive, I resisted utilizing these resources, not wanting to feel different from others. This mindset hindered my progress, resulting in poor grades and placing me on academic probation nearly every semester. Balancing full-time work and part-time studies was extremely challenging, but my resilience and determination kept me going. Those who know me understand that my perseverance is unwavering. I was committed to obtaining my bachelor’s degree, a goal I set for myself, and I was determined to achieve it, regardless of the time it took.

During my time at Trinity, I faced significant personal losses. I lost my grandmother to cancer in 2019. In 2020, I earned my associate’s degree, an achievement that profoundly impacted me. Reflecting on this accomplishment, I was moved to tears, realizing the significance of my academic journey. This motivated me to pursue my bachelor’s degree. I re-enrolled at Trinity, but in January 2021, I faced another devastating loss: my youngest sister passed away due to pregnancy complications, shortly after our family celebrated my grandmother’s birthday. Once again, my family had to navigate profound grief.

Despite these challenges, my sisters, Myeeka Mullins and Tatiana “Chyna” Mullins, and I have become first-generation college graduates and proud Trinity alumni. Myeeka graduated from Trinity in Winter 2018, Tatiana in Spring 2020, and I will be graduating on May 17, 2024. Trinity has profoundly impacted my life and helped my family continually inspire and motivate one another to pursue our dreams. We have learned to overcome difficult life events to achieve our goals, demonstrating resilience and determination every step of the way. This degree is a symbol of my perseverance and determination because it stands as a testament to my unwavering commitment and resilience, embodying the magic of never giving up.

Additionally, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Professor Faith Mitchell and Professor Rihem Badwe for their patience and invaluable support throughout this past academic year. Thank you, Dr. Temi Aregbesola, for your motivational talks that helped me persevere through incredibly challenging times. I am also deeply thankful to Dr. Nicole Betchman for your unwavering support and encouragement, for not allowing me to give up on myself. I still vividly recall coming to you and saying, “I think I need to withdraw from your class because work life is really impacting my academics,” to which you responded, “You will not be withdrawing; as long as you have something for me by the presentation date, you have time.” This reassurance kept me from mentally checking out during several difficult moments this past semester. This experience also allowed me to take accountability for communicating my needs and seeking the support I needed from my professors. From the bottom of my heart, I am profoundly grateful to all of you.

Honorable mention to Professor Denise Akers: Thank you for your unwavering support and for making learning non-stressful and fun. Your approach to teaching has greatly contributed to my positive academic experience.

Shanyce Lyons, CAS, BA in Business Administration

My name is Shanyce Lyons and I am the first generation to graduate from college. I’ve been at Trinity Washington University since 2019 and at that time I was majoring in nursing. Nursing major was very difficult for me, so I transitioned into business administration in late fall of 2021. The journey of getting my bachelor’s at Trinity Washington University has been a great experience. The beginning of this spring semester has been full of worries, bad, and good times. Before the semester started, I was worrying about whether I was graduating or not, then when the semester began, I got bad news that I wasn’t going to be graduating. Finding out that I wasn’t going to graduate was so upsetting. Right after class I went to talk to my advisor and after finding out why I wasn’t graduating I took an uber home. On my way home I saw a sign from Matthew 11:28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Seeing that sign let me know that God is always there for me, that he will fight my battles, and that I should not worry but trust in the plans that he has for my life. Later that day I got a voicemail from my advisor saying that I will be graduating. The experience that I had at Trinity Washington University was a great experience that I will never forget. Also, Trinity and their professors helped me to learn a lot about life and the work environment. All I can say is God got me where he wants me, and I give him all the credit. Thank you, Trinity Washington University, for helping me to get my bachelor’s degree.

Diane Nelson, NHP, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

After working for many years as a LPN, I entered Trinity Washington University in 2012 through the SPS. I was a pre-licensure nursing student with a desire to get my BSN.

My journey has been one of navigating through pain, grief, loss and obstacles on the road. During this period, I had to take a leave of absence on two occasions because of the caregiver role that required me to care for members of my family. Those family members are not here with me now, but I honor them every day. My resilient journey is a testament to them as well.

This “older adult” is so grateful to Trinity Washington University, for supporting me on a revealing and inspiring journey. I am looking forward to being an advocate, mentor and an inspiration to others as they pursue their own journey of spiritual, physical and intellectual growth.

Sundarys Spencer, SPS, BA in Early Childhood Community Education

My name is Sundarys Spencer and I am proud to be a Panamanian graduating with a bachelors in community education. This means a lot to me because I wanted to become a teacher because I grew up with a family of educators.  This has been a long process because I work full time during the day and I was attending the evening classes at Trinity but it wasn’t impossible.  I am grateful for the professors that were graceful and understood how difficult it was to work and attend school at the same time.


Tracy Evans, SPS, BS in Accounting

I cannot believe I am graduating with a bachelors degree at 53 years of age. I was a homeless kid my junior and senior years of high school and never graduated. In 2010 I obtained my GED after realizing I was being a hypocrite to my children, yelling at them to keep their grades up. I thought I was complete. Three years later, my sister asked me what I was going to do with my GED. I responded, nothing. What was I supposed to do?. She said I was to enroll in college. So I did.

My first class was 18th Century Art (which I knew nothing about) but I somehow passed the class. YAY me. I was on the Dean’s List, learned about APA and was purchasing gear. Then my mom passed away and my #1 cheerleader and motivator was gone. I tried to return but the drive was not there. It is said “the children will lead”. I watched my nephew earn his undergrad from Morehouse and his Masters and PhD from the University of Miami.

I found my motivation. I contacted my advisor who advised me I had 6 classes to go. I work 7 days a week, attended hybrid classes AND I am now eligible to graduate with my Bachelors in Accounting. I have been accepted to the Masters Program at Trinity and started the research for a Phd program. While my Mom was my biggest motivator and cheerleader,  I am proud as a single mom of four children whom I got through high school. They are proud of me. They cheer me on. They motivate me. I’m a grandma now. The babies are still leading me to do better and be better. I am grateful for Trinity’s SPS Program. I am proud to become a Trinity Alum.

Sierre Allen, SPS, BA in Early Childhood Education

God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers and I must be indestructible because these four years have been the ultimate test, but I persevered. I am a walking testimony that you can be anything and do anything you set out to be.


Becoming a teen mom at 17 changed my life completely. I wanted to finish high school and attend college, but I did not have the support needed to get there so that forced me to drop out of high school. Leaving high school as an honor roll student when I was determined to go back and finish really put me in a terrible mental space.From that point, depression set in, but I knew I had a mission in life and that was to be something great.


My life already had its challenges from growing up in what they consider “the hood” in DC and living in poverty would already create challenges throughout my life and now I have a child to care for which made it ten times harder. I also had to deal with so many people having their own viewpoints on my life and how it wasn’t going to be possible for me to be successful because I had a baby young really took a toll on me. The one thing that I always remembered is that I am smart and I am the author of my own story. I knew that anything is possible and you must start somewhere even if there are challenges.


So I went back to school and got my GED because I knew I could do it. I gave myself a few years to bring in some income so that I was able to take care of my daughter. When covid hit, the perfect opportunity to attend college came because all classes were online so I had time to figure out a babysitter when the time came to start going to class in person. Once I started college, more obstacles came, but I didn’t let it stop me. My dad passed away two months after I started my first semester, Fighting for custody for two years to gain guardianship of my younger brother, losing my stepfather in January of this year and then my aunt two months later. I say this all to say no matter how tough life gets, you will get through it. You have to stay strong and keep going because you are the Author of your own story. Everyone will have a story in the end as to how they got there, but all that matters is that you made it!

Rita Larkins, BGS, Master of Business Administration

My name is Rita Larkins. Soon, I will be a proud graduate in the MBA Program.   As I stand just weeks away from graduation, I find myself engulfed in a whirlwind of reflection and celebration. This moment not only marks the culmination of one journey but also signals the beginning of another, filled with boundless possibilities and untold adventures.

Throughout the past three years, we’ve weathered the storm of uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, navigated through uncharted territories of knowledge, and juggled the responsibilities of work, family, and academics. Yet, amidst the chaos, we’ve emerged stronger and more resilient than ever before. Trinity has been our laboratory, shaping us into individuals equipped to tackle the challenges of business, finance, and entrepreneurship with unwavering determination.

As I look towards the next chapter, I am filled with a profound sense of purpose—a drive to not only excel in my chosen field but also to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. The pursuit of a Ph.D. beckons, fueled by a desire to leave an indelible mark on this world.

I depart Trinity, armed with the wisdom gained from my experiences. I am ready to embark on a journey of service and excellence, knowing that every step forward brings new opportunities for growth and learning. In a world where perfection is often hailed as the ultimate goal, I am reminded that true progress lies in our willingness to embrace imperfection and continuously strive for improvement—not just for ourselves but for the betterment of our communities. We are the example that all things are possible.

To my fellow graduates, I extend my heartfelt congratulations. May we continue to forge ahead with courage and conviction, leaving a trail of impact and inspiration in our path forward.

Sarah Jalloh, CAS, BA in Health Services

I feel so honored to be graduating from Trinity. Even though my journey was a bittersweet one but I’m grateful it’s all ends in praise.

I relocated to States from Sierra Leone ( West Africa) when I was 20 years old by myself. My main goal was for me to further my education and make my family proud. I enrolled myself to Trinity 2018 and began my education journey 2019, it’s been 5 years of wonderful experiences. As I work full time and go to school full time, it was really hard but I keep pushing myself to be a better student. With the help of wonderful Professors, Advisors and Managements at Trinity, I was able to get through the difficult times.

Today I’m a 27 year old young lady who Trinity Washington University has shaped, taught, prepared and trained for a better future with integrity, good leadership skills, respect, empathy and good values. I’m proud of my school and ready to represent Trinity.

As I walk proudly on stage in few weeks to receive my B.A in Health Services, I want to take this moment and thank all my Professors, the office of enrollment, thank you. My advisors throughout the years, thank you. President Pat McGuire, thank you. Dean Bowie, thank you. Ms. Martha Molina, thank you.

On January, I sponsored and relocated my Parents to the States and they will be here to celebrate with me. I will like to dedicate my Degree to them, mom and Dad I made you proud. Also, to my husband who is serving in the U.S Air Force, I want to thank you for your wonderful support. I am living my American dream. Thank you again Trinity, I will definitely come back for my Masters. Congratulations red class of 2024, we did it.

Kristina Fleming, SPS, AA in General Studies

My name is Kristina Fleming and I am a first generation graduate. I am so excited to have reached this milestone as I have worked tremendously hard to get here.

Where I come from most people do not receive a degree or a high-school diploma.  There were times I wanted to quit because things got rough but I didn’t, because I couldn’t. I grew up in foster care with a child who was 1 year at the time and I always told myself if I want better I have to do better. So here I am receiving my degree and going on to further my education to become a social worker.

Despite the immense challenges faced, I  managed to graduate from college with becoming a shining example of perseverance and determination. My journey from being a teen mom to overcoming a life-threatening health crisis is a testament to my indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication to achieving my dreams.

As I walk across the stage to receive my diploma, tears of joy and triumph will stream down my face, knowing that I defied the odds and emerged stronger than ever. I would like to thank Karen Gerlach, My professors, the mentors from my scholarship program, and anyone else who played a role in helping me succeed.  I Beat the odds!

Chiquita Page, SPS, BA in Early Childhood Education

When I started my journey at Trinity 6.5 years ago, I didn’t think I would finish. It was just talk to try the “college thing” and increase my income. There were many trials and errors and days I just wanted to quit. However, Trinity has some REAL LIFE professors who wouldn’t allow me to give up and not to mention some AWESOME students who can motivate and push you to be successful.

As a mother of 3 I wanted to give my children something more to be proud of their mother AND completing my undergraduate degree is just the icing on the cake. My village has grown throughout my educational career and although I will be back for my masters it is safe to say I will forever endure the undergrad journey.

Trinity WE did it! You all got Chiquita through it and successfully, check those grades out. When you are focused, determined and willing to be successful then success is what you will be!

Dione Janifer, SPS, BA Early Childhood and Community Education

My name is Dione Janifer.  I am  number 2 of K-6 or Kathy’s 6 as my siblings and I lovingly refer to ourselves in memory of our late mother.  After graduating from Trinity Washington University in my living room in the midst of the pandemic January of 2021 I was encouraged to continue my studies.  I knew my goal was to obtain a bachelor’s degree and so I started working towards my degree in Early Childhood Community Education the following year. The support of the DC Lead Scholarship and the amazing professors here at Trinity Washington University supported my academic journey.  My family and loved ones kept me encouraged and motivated during the tough times of balancing academic studies and working full time.  This degree is a symbol of perseverance and determination because on the toughest day I never lost sight of the goal.

Ishan Musawwir, SPS BA Early Childhood Community Education

What a journey it’ been !! My name is Ihsan Musawwir and I finally finished my first degree. I started this journey 11 years ago when my daughter was 3 years old. I always had/have a love for teaching children. When I started my journey years ago, I didn’t think that it would be a hard path. From changing schools, having different jobs in childcare, and having my son in September 2016 I never thought I would see the finish line. When Covid decided to change the world in January 2020, it changed the course of everyone’s lives. My place of employment closed due to the pandemic and my children were home. I created a home-school environment for children to support in-home learning. In January 2021, I enrolled at Trinity and restarted my educational journey. From the beginning, Trinity has supported me in classes with additional resources such as tutors and library services. The professors have shown tremendous support as I have completed my assignments. Also being a part of the AEEC program has supported me in my personal growth as a single mother in school. The program has supported me with resources to support my children and me to make sure I stay committed to my educational journey. As I start the second half of my educational journey with Trinity, I want to say THANK YOU for all your support and guidance as I finished my first degree in Early Childhood Education. I have become a better educator through classroom experiences and hands-on learning.

Sondreen Johnson, SPS, B.A. in Journalism and Media Studies

My name is Sondreen Johnson. I’m a single mother of four children, who tragically lost their father when I was pregnant with my youngest. During that time of my life, I felt as if I was broken beyond repair. So many people made me feel as if my life was over and that I should depend on government assistance to raise my children. I didn’t believe that I would be anything but who people told me that I would be.

Even still I made a promise to my now four children that I would provide an extraordinary life for every one of them regardless of our misfortunes that I attended to keep. Their father’s passing wouldn’t be the end of my story. I would strive for greatness I just had no idea how I would keep that promise and so desperately wanted to escape my reality which I did by spending most of my days writing my life away.

I escape when I write, and very soon fell in love with it. With that thought, I decided to turn my pain into pleasure by placing my thoughts on paper. I found solace with a pen and surprisingly my life purpose. That’s when I quickly realized that I not only wanted the world to know my story but also would like to tell other people’s stories as well. To become a journalist was my destiny.

Fast forward to eight years later, I’m now a published author who majored in Journalism and communication. When I graduate at the end of the week I will be able to keep the promise that I made to all of my children. I did it! Despite so many people telling me that I couldn’t. I did it. Despite how badly I wanted to give up. I did it! Despite the lack of belief in myself at times. I did it! I pushed myself, I overcame every obstacle. I showed every single person who doubted my ability to achieve excellence!

I embodied the exact definition of resilience, but most of all I kept my promise to my children and that alone is the biggest gift that our creator has bestowed upon me. My degree is a representation of the love that I have for my children and this is only the beginning. Especially when my brilliant penmanship is the composer of the story. Trinity Washington University has been an inspiring part of my journey. Thank you all for helping me prove to myself that I’m worthy. Thank you for giving me a safe space to write a heartfelt chapter of my story. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for playing a major part in my self discovery.

Joie Thornton, BGS M.A. Strategic Communication and Public Relations

It feels amazing to graduate from Trinity again [this is Joie’s second Trinity degree!]. As I’m getting closer to graduation, I have been having moments of self-reflection. This journey was rocky for me, I’ve struggled mentally and physically during my last year while working a full time job. If it wasn’t for my support system, I don’t know how I would have made it through. Shout out to my advisor, Raushanah Bullock as well.

With the days leading up to graduation the reality of my accomplishments have begun to set in. This degree is part of my elevation and shaping me into the woman I am in the process of becoming. I’m currently in the Senior Living industry and while completing this program I had begun to elevate in my career. Started out as a Move-in Coordinator and now I’m a Communications Manager.

This program has shaped me into a better woman from the curriculum to the professors. I’m excited to see how far I go from here. Thank You, Trinity.

Dymond Sellers, EDU, Master of Arts in Teaching: Early Childhood Education

All glory be to God! As a young student obtaining her B.A. in Public Health in the year of 2015 I never imagined my career path would lead me to education. Finding it difficult to gain employment to jumpstart my career in the Public Health field I chose to become a substitute teacher. It was then when I first fell in love with Early Childhood Education in 2017.

After spending half the school year with a class of Pre-K 3 scholars I knew that I had found my calling. I was impressed with the students’ enthusiasm to learn and their curiosity when it came to new or found materials. In addition to their tenacity when taking risks and learning new things despite obstacles they may face in or outside of the classroom. During my time as a substitute teacher I expressed my interest in becoming a paraprofessional (teacher’s aid)  and my educational career took off from there. After four years of studying and learning from some of the very best educators, I decided that I too wanted to become a teacher. Thus, I began my path towards obtaining my Master of Arts in Teaching from Trinity Washington University.

While only just beginning my degree with Trinity in 2020 I was offered the role to become a lead teacher for the 2020-2021 academic school year. While teaching I learned the importance of social emotional development in my young scholars. I learned that the pandemic had taken so much from us. Not only loved ones or time spent with those we care for, but the ability to positively and effectively communicate our thoughts and emotions as well as communicate our wants and needs to our peers around us. This was displayed heavily in my classroom environment and so it has become my purpose to ensure my scholars a safe haven where they feel welcome and are able to express themselves while learning to value the opinions of others. Therefore, after completing my fall and spring courses I then took a break from Trinity to focus on my passion. During the academic school year of 2021-2022 I was invited back to Trinity to continue my studies. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to re-enroll and continue my journey to obtaining my masters.

This journey to graduation has been challenging, yet fulfilling. During finals week of this past 2024 Spring semester I experienced as one of my professors said “both ends of the emotional spectrum.” From losing a parent and getting married all within finals week it was the grace and goodness of God that held me together. In addition to my uplifting support system (husband, family, friends and supportive professors) I was able to confidently work towards my goal.

Therefore, on Friday May 17th, 2024 I will be walking across the stage not only for myself but for my parents/family who have always encouraged me to be a lifelong learner, for my husband who has been a rock during early mornings and late nights studies, for my professors who have instilled the tools in me for success, for my colleagues who have helped to equip me with a phenomenal teacher tool belt and for my young scholars who have given me a new outlook on life. One that says to be brave and take risks, meet others where they are, remind me that it’s okay to make mistakes and always have fun!

Vanessa Ramirez, BGS Master of Science in Administration in Leadership and Organizational Management  (her second Trinity degree!)

It is bittersweet to think that my time at Trinity has ended. After completing my undergraduate degree at Trinity in 2020, I thought that was the end of school for me. Thankfully, in the struggling moments of finding a job during COVID, Trinity gave me a chance. After being hired and surrounded by an amazing group, they motivated me to begin my graduate degree in Fall 2022. Although I no longer work at Trinity, I have stayed in touch and even took classes with those who helped me begin this program. The last two years have been filled with unforgettable memories and people and I will forever be grateful for the impact Trinity has had on my life.

A shout out to my Trinity family in Enrollment Services & Registrar for motivating me to continue my studies, to my wife who supported me throughout my studies and saw the good and bad times, the amazing faculty that I have met throughout the MSA program, and to those considering pursuing their Graduate degree – it is worth it!

Estephany Bonilla, CAS B.A. in Community Education

My name is Estephany Bonilla and I am so proud of this beautiful accomplishment that I get to share and experience along with my family. I went into college scared of failing and doubting myself.  There were times where I would cry because of the challenges that came along with going to college, terrified that I wouldn’t make it but, here I am today about to walk that stage in a couple days. I couldn’t be more proud of myself and couldn’t have made it without the support of my family, God and the amazing professors who made an impact during my experience at Trinity!

Chaka Alexander, SPS, BA in Early Childhood Education

I’m Chaka Alexander, and my journey has been one of determination, resilience, and immense love for my family. As a mother of four incredible children ages 6 to 25, balancing full-time work, full-time schooling, and full-time motherhood has been my reality. Graduating under four years wasn’t just a goal but a testament to my steadfast commitment to providing the best for my children. The road to this achievement has been challenging. Every time I embarked on my educational journey, another blessing entered my life: the birth of a new child. Despite the challenges, my determination never changed. In the fall of 2020, I decided to return to school again, and now, in the spring of 2024, I stand on the brink of graduation.

Throughout this journey, my family and children have been my pillars of strength, keeping me focused and motivated. Additionally, the support of my talented professors and amazing classmates has been invaluable in helping me push through every obstacle. I am deeply grateful to God for blessing me abundantly and guiding me through this journey. All praise Him for His unwavering support and guidance. As I look ahead, my path opens to obtain my master’s and doctoral pursuits. I firmly believe that the only limitations in life are the ones I place on myself, and with that mindset, I step forward fearlessly into the future.

Cindy Alvarez, SPS AA in Early Childhood Education

Straight out of high school I went to work in retail and grew so much from it, 10 years of growth. I received my CDA and started to work with children, it was always my dream ! There I got the opportunity to go to school and I’m so happy I got accepted to Trinity Washington University.  Life throws you so many curve balls and you never truly know or expect what comes next. I never expected to be a college graduate with my Associates in Early Childhood Education. This is dedicated to my parents, husband,my son, nieces and nephews. It was the craziest time of my life but I am truly blessed to have my family by my side !

Lawren McCoy, SPS BA in Early Childhood Education

My experience at Trinity Washington was an emotional roller coaster. Returning to school after being out for about 10 years was not for the faint of heart. I was a mother, a wife, and a full-time educator, facing long nights, early mornings, and many tears. Persevering through adversity, especially during a pandemic, was incredibly challenging. I give all the glory to God, the Most High, for helping me make it through.

I want to thank Professor Rowe for all the guidance, Mrs. Lynch for advocating on my behalf, Professor Ponder for the words of wisdom and accountability, and all the professors who poured into me. My journey doesn’t end here. I am now pursuing a Master’s degree at Trinity Washington in Strategic Communications and Public Relations. Additionally, I aim to earn two certifications: one in Educational Policy and the other in Social Justice. The word says, “Do not be anxious about anything.” and I tend to do as such.

Thank you Trinity Washington University for building me into the leader I am today.

LaWan Sweeney, SPS B.A. in Business Administration/Human Resource Management

This experience has been incredibly humbling and fulfilling. As a young mother, my top priority has always been my children’s well-being and success. This meant putting my own educational goals on hold for a while. However, now is my moment. I am finally achieving a goal I set for myself, and it feels truly incredible. I am grateful to Trinity for creating an environment where I could thrive and forge connections. It has been a privilege to meet so many inspiring individuals with similar experiences and aspirations. This journey has been immensely rewarding, and every step has been worth it!


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  • President McGuire, thank you for posting these inspiring stories, as presented by our graduates of the Class of 2024. Their pride in Trinity sparks my own pride in serving here and getting to know these students and faculty and staff who work seamlessly to support the hopes and aspirations of so many. Thank you for calling forth these testimonies and inviting us to read them this week–Graduation Week!

    Sr. Ann
  • “I too was and still am feeling the same tiredness but rewarding feeling to be FINISHED!!!!” Congratulations and best wishes in your future endeavors!!

    Latasha Verdiner

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