Adirondack Chronicles 2022.5: Equal Time for Furry Things

Adirondack Chronicles 2022.5: Equal Time for Furry Things

“What about ME?” nattered the indignant red squirrel.

I had been contemplating the loon on Bear Pond for quite some time when I heard loud chattering on a branch of a nearby tree.  It didn’t take me long to find the source of the cacophony:

Seems that the red squirrel was quite put out that I was admiring the duck but ignoring the furry things.  So I obliged by taking its photo for my “wild things” portrait gallery.

A nearby blue jay was unimpressed.  Blue jays just don’t care about the paparazzi — in fact, they do their best to avoid them!

But other critters have different views on the subject of the lurking humans with their long lenses.  This porcupine was quietly eating its way through the roadside brush when the photographer stopped for a quick snap:

Like some annoyed Hollywood star, the beast rushed at the camera with a most disapproving glare:

No worries, I rolled up my window and Porky disappeared into the underbrush.  Whew!

After those close encounters with the wild things, it seemed like a good moment to capture a human doing something peaceful… a twilight moment fishing on Little Tupper Lake: