Digital Time Capsule for Trinity’s 125th Anniversary!

Digital Time Capsule for Trinity’s 125th Anniversary!

Oh happy day!  On this Founders Day in Trinity’s 125th Anniversary year, we’re making a digital time capsule to tell the future Trinity generations about Trinity in 2022, and the wonderful Gospel Choir concert on April 25 seems like a great way to start our collection!

This blog includes many of the photos and essays that members of the Trinity community have submitted so far, and I will keep adding to the collection.  We plan to turn it into a digital archive that we will be sure to preserve in formats that can be viewed and appreciated far into the future.

Let’s take a quick look back at other Founders Day blogs:  2020 when the pandemic was just starting; 2017, a year after we opened the Payden Center; and a different Founders Day on the historic date of the dedication of Trinity on November 22, 2020.  In all of these and so many other occasions, we remember and pay tribute to the great Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur who founded, built and sustained the stewardship of Trinity across these 125 years.  Our gratitude to our founders and all SNDs is immense!  Sr. Camilla Burns, SND, Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies, shared this reflection for the digital time capsule:

I am a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur who graduated from Trinity in 1960. I taught in Elementary School, High School (also served as Principal), College and University (Director of Institute of Pastoral Studies, Loyola University, Chicago). In addition, one of my leadership roles was the Congregational Leader for the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. I returned to Trinity in the 90s to serve on the Board of Trustees and most recently in 2012 to teach in the Religious Studies Program. My experience of Trinity over these many years is that the vision of the Founder, Sr. Julia McGroarty who saw the purpose of Trinity as “enlarging our lives to suit the times” has been fulfilled and continues to influence in new and marvelous ways. … Although my life has included much foreign travel and various occupations, I maintain that I have saved “the best to last.”

Sister Camilla Burns, SNDdeN

I invited members of the campus community to submit photos and essays depicting what they want the Trinity community in the Year 2097 to know about Trinity in 2022.  2097 will be the year of Trinity’s Bicentennial!  Can you imagine?  What an exciting thought!

I’ll be organizing these photos and essays into a video blog soon, but for now, here are some of the many entries:

Below, the Student Government Council hold their last meeting of the Spring 2022 semester:  (r to l) President Michelle Vasquez ’22, Olivia O’Connor ’25, Jacqueline Portillo ’23, Marbella Navarrete ’24, Ammi Cabrera ’23, Karen Ramos ’23, Student Activities Coordinator Mileidi Salinas ’21

From Jamileth Mendez ’23 and Anissa Young ’23:

Katheryn Najarro ’22, graduating in May (congrats!) sent a number of wonderful photos of the tennis team, I’m putting just one here for now, the rest of them will be on the video blog — but I particularly like this one with our very devoted Tennis Coach Enoch and the team members:

Diamond Moore ’22 sent several photos of her life as a Nursing student, here’s one for now, all will be on the vblog….

Business major Kimberly Moreno ’22 sent a wonderful collection of photos from various events, all will be on the vblog, this one is especially charming from the scavenger hunt last year showing students with Sr. Ann Howard on the tennis courts.  Kimberly writes, “I like these pictures because it reminds me of the fun Trinity has even in the middle of a pandemic. Also, it is easy to note how friendly everyone is; you can see everyone smiling even under their mask.”

Dee Holzner of our Admissions staff shares this photo from an Admissions event: (Admission Admitted Student Day for the College of Arts and Sciences, March 26th, 2022; Left to right-center: Azucena Garcia-Angel and Karen Martinez-Nunez. Left to right back row: Praise O. Oladoyin, Katherine Dunkley, Recruiter Dee Holtzner and Kimberley Y. Monroe)

Vennessea Hall Lamb, Graduate Student in the Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program:

Historic:  Fall 2021, Professor Kimberly Monroe and Trinity’s First Africana Studies Class:

More history:  Dr. Monroe’s  HIS 343: African American Liberation Movement class after Historical “Role Play” of women activist. (Spring 2022)

The International Students Association would like to be included in this memorable event. The club was formed in 2022 and we want this to be remembered. The picture shows the Executive Body of the club.

Front left- Krystal Gordon (President)

Front right- Valeria Perdomo-Zepeda (Vice- President)

Back left – Cyndi Rodrigues (Secretary)

Back right – Ingrid Tchouamo (Social Media Coordinator)











…more coming, check back soon!


PS — if you want to contribute to Trinity’s Digital Time Capsule, send me your photo, or an essay, to