Trinity Covid Safety Protocols

Trinity Covid Safety Protocols

Fall 2021 Plans (March 12, 2021)

Trinity President Pat McGuire announced plans for reopening for the Fall 2021 semester, which will occur in phases, with the goals of safety and good health for all as the top priorities, along with the need to ensure instructional integrity. Detailed planning is underway and must conform to D.C. requirements, and be approved by D.C. health authorities.  View the Fall 2021 Announcement and details!

Daily Symptom Checker:  please visit the CDC symptom checklist to be sure you are able to be on campus each day!

Spring 2021 Plans (October 15, 2020)

Trinity Announces Spring 2021 Semester Calendar: View the schedule and plan ahead!

Trinity Reopening Plan: June 2020

Trinity’s Reopening Plan was approved by the District of Columbia on June 29, 2020 with further orders on July 24, 2020.

This paper guides Trinity’s work in planning the best possible methods for reopening the campus and moving forward with changes in programs, pedagogy, staffing, technology and other aspects of campus life. Trinity senior executive staff created this document in dialogue with their respective staff teams; the entire campus community — students, faculty, staff, trustees — received and commented on this document.  Trinity will continue to update this plan as circumstances require.

Executive Summary

With just about 1800 students slated to attend in Fall 2020, and just about 200 residential students, Trinity is a relatively small university compared to others in the Washington region. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and consistent with the guidance and regulations stated in Re-Open DC, the CDC, American College Health Association and other sources, Trinity anticipates a reopening sequence that starts with some offices reopening on a rotational staff schedule in late June and July, fully remote new student orientations through the summer, and then a modified fall class schedule with these variations:

  • 62% of all courses delivered online in Fall 2020; 22% hybrid; 9% face-to-face; 7% other formats (clinical, experiential);
  • Professional and Graduate Schools (PGS, including SPS, BGS, EDU) will continue with all online classes through the fall semester, and these classes will start at the previously scheduled times on the academic calendar.
  • Nursing and Health Professions (NHP) will have a blended course delivery model with much online but some Face-to-Face (F2F) for lab and simulation.
  • College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) classes will start after Labor Day, on September 8, and will have some online courses and some F2F courses, with greater emphasis for first year courses on campus and more upper division courses online, and all may include hybrid instructional modes. (See CAS Fall class schedule here; schedule is subject to change, so check back often. CAS Orientation is all online – see schedule here.)
  • Residence Halls will have one resident per room. Move-in will occur on an appointment schedule starting August 29; specific prevention protocols for residence halls and dining services.
  • 100% ID check throughout campus and visitors limited to specific areas.
  • Conferences and Trinity Center gym/health club will not resume until mid-to-late fall pending DC achieving Phases 2-3 and approval of reopening gyms/health clubs.
  • Gathering sizes align with rules for DC phases and prevention protocols followed for gatherings when they resume.

Trinity complies with all directions and regulations of the D.C. Department of Health for prevention of the spread of Covic-19 and mitigation of the disease, and this plan specifies the essential rules for each area of operation including wearing masks, sanitizing, hand washing, screening, testing, quarantine and all related requirements. For additional information about Trinity’s response to Covid-19 and Reopening Plan, see the full document here:  Trinity Reopening Plan June 8 2020 (PDF)

Prevention Protocols

As set forth in the “Essential Expectations” statement at the top of this page, clear universal standards for coronavirus prevention apply to every person on campus. The purpose of these standards is to prevent the spread or coronavirus, to mitigate any known exposures to reduce risks, to monitor and coordinate our responses with the public health authorities, and to be able to respond in the event of a resurgence of disease.

  • Trinity asks all persons coming to campus to participate in the self-screening process using the symptom checklist each day.  Follow the reporting directions on the symptom checklist page.
  • Required use of prevention methods including:
    • Masks must be worn in any place where an individual will encounter others; supplies of disposable masks will be available.
    • Hand washing practiced continuously and instructional signage at all sinks.
    • Availability of hand sanitizer, and sanitizing supplies in classrooms, offices, residence halls, bathrooms, common areas.
    • Acrylic screening in public counters, tables, desks, other locations as needed.
    • No more than 10 individuals may gather in any location.
    • 6-foot spacing in classrooms, labs, lounges and other meeting locations.
    • No out-of-town or international travel sponsored by Trinity.
    • Anyone with Covid symptoms or who have been exposed report immediately to Health Services for further assessment.
    • Resident students with Covid-19 symptoms or positive diagnosis will be quarantined in Kerby Hall C wing.
    • Persons with specific risk factors advised of heightened risk and possibility of staying home.
    • Persons who have other illnesses must stay home.
  • Mitigation protocols including assessment, testing, contact tracing as public health authorities require and as Trinity has the capacity; Trinity Health Services responsible for overall coordination of testing, contact tracing and health compliance with DC Department of Health.

Timetable for Reopening

  • Fall Semester: Be sure to check out the opening of school calendar of key dates: New student orientations, class start dates for all schools, move-in schedule and more!
  • Tuesday, August 18:  Term 1 classes begin online (PGS, Professional and Graduate Schools, includes SPS, BGS, EDU) begin online. See Academic Calendar.
  • Friday, August 21:  Monthly classes (PGS) begin online. See Academic Calendar.
  • Saturday, August 22: Early Arrival Move in for select resident students by appointment
  • Monday, August 24:  Weekly classes begin online. See Academic Calendar.
  • Saturday, August 29:  Resident students may begin to move into rooms based on an appointment schedule that reduces density at any given time
  • Monday, September 7:  Labor Day Holiday
  • Tuesday, September 8:  Day classes (CAS) begin with some on campus F2F and some online. (See CAS Fall class schedule here; schedule is subject to change, so check back often.)
  • Monday, October 12:  NOT A HOLIDAY because of the schedule changes Trinity will still have classes on Indigenous Peoples Day (holiday formerly known as Columbus Day)
  • Tuesday, November 3: Election Day: No classes, offices closed
  • Wednesday, Nov. 25 – Sunday, Nov. 29:  Thanksgiving Break (depending on the course of the virus we may ask students and personnel to avoid travel outside of the Washington region over this break)
  • Friday, Dec. 18:  Fall semester ends

Additional information about Trinity’s Reopening Plan

Read the full plan here: Trinity Reopening Plan June 8 2020 (PDF)

Key Trinity Managers:

Overall Direction: President Patricia McGuire, 202-884-9050

Health Services: Dr. Jacqueline Newsome-Williams, Director of Health Services,, 202-884-9615

Student Affairs: Dr. Karen Gerlach, Vice President for Student Affairs,, 202-884-9203

Academic Affairs: Dr. Carlota Ocampo, Provost,, 202-884-9209

Facilities Services: Mr. William Shaffer, Director of Facilities,, 202-884-9333

Human Resources: Ms. Tracey Prince Ross, Executive Director of Human Resources,, 202-884-9126

Media Questions: Ann Pauley, Media Relations,


Campus signage: These signs are posted around campus to remind everyone to do your part!

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