Reunion Giving FAQs

  1. What counts as a Reunion gift?
    All gifts made to Trinity! Annual Fund, Endowment, Campaign – every bit of support for Trinity is measured as your Class Reunion Gift.
  2. But I gave to my class fund already, does that count?
    No! Class funds are for class fun. Your party expenses and checks to scribes are not charitable tax-deductible donations, but your gift to Trinity is!
  3. Does it matter how much I give?
    It’s not how much you give, it’s important THAT you give. Every gift counts, and every gift makes a difference. Large or small, Trinity needs you to do your part!
  4. Why is participation important?
    Alumnae support is a key indicator that influences corporations and foundations as they consider where to direct their dollars. Strong participation numbers boost Trinity’s profile and help Trinity to expand its financial base. Corporate gifts and foundation grants help us to move beyond relying solely on alumnae support. If you give, other support will follow.