Data Analytics


Dr. Hani Aladmaai, Director of Information Technology
Dr. Kaitlin Wellens, Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Steven Gable, Associate Professor of Philosophy


Trinity offers a minor in Data Analytics for students majoring in any subject in the College of Arts and Sciences who want to pursue careers in digital technology. The demand for digital competence is on the rise and the Data Analytics minor offers the digital fluency demanded by an increasingly data-driven and decision-making digital tech workforce.

Data Analytics is the process of effectively examining and interpreting datasets to draw a conclusion. The minor curriculum will sharpen critical thinking and problem-solving skills, strengthen scientific literacy, and build proficiency in statistical programming. The program also promotes social awareness and communication. With a minor in Data Analytics, students will master key concepts of data analysis and increase their marketability in the digital technology industry.

A Data Analytics certificate is also offered through the School of Professional Studies.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses  (18 credits)

ITEC 100 Introduction to Data Analytics
CMSC 111 Introduction to Programming
MATH 215 Prob & Stats with Applications
ITEC 210 Data Visualization and Communication
ITEC 304 Data Manipulation
PHIL 281 Ethical and Legal Issues in Information Technology

Generalist Credential

Students who minor in Data Analytics, in conjunction with their major, could benefit from the partnership with Capital CoLAB’s Digital Tech Credential program (Collaborative of Leaders in Academia and Business). Students could earn The Generalist Credential that prepares any major for job roles that require an understanding of data analysis. A Generalist credential opens opportunities for job shadowing, engagement with senior executives, mentoring/coaching, resume review, and priority interviews for internships. Upon completion of the minor requirements, students will receive a digital badge to display on their LinkedIn profile or resume.

Program Policies

Advanced Placement:
Credits earned through AP examinations do not fulfill requirements of the minor.

CLEP Policy:
Credits earned through CLEP examinations do not fulfill requirements of the minor.

Grades in Required Courses:
Students are required to earn a grade of “C” (2.0) or better in all courses counted to fulfill requirements for the minor.

Pass/No Pass:
With the exception of internships, courses fulfilling minor requirements may not be taken pass/no pass.

Study Abroad:
Students may meet minor requirements with courses taken during study abroad.

TELL Policy:
The Data Analytics minor supports and encourages Trinity’s TELL Program. Students applying for experiential learning credit should consult with the program faculty.

Transfer Credits:
Transfer credit from appropriately accredited institutions of higher learning may be counted for minor requirements, dependent on program review and approval. Associations recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHEA) confer appropriate accreditation; these associations include but are not limited to regional accreditors.