Trinity Vaxx Champions Part Five!

Trinity Vaxx Champions Part Five!

And there’s more!  Trinity Vaxx Champions keep coming!  Students urging sister students to get vaccinated!  Here are the latest entries:

Jasmine Myers, Class of 2025:


♬ The Magic Bomb (Extended Mix) – Hoàng Read

Florence Njoroge, Class of 2025:

Daniela Romualdo Castro, Class of 2022, Communication:

Catherine Santos, Class of 2022, Biology:

Anita Viveros Reyes, Class of 2024, International Affairs:


Get vaccinated!! #fyp #vaccine #covid19 #trinitywashingtonuniversity

♬ Permission to Dance – BTS

Larisse Young, Class of 2022, Business:

Breonna Bailey, Class of 2022, Business Administration: