Trinity Vaxx Champions Part Two!!

Trinity Vaxx Champions Part Two!!

Continuing our list of and presentation of the creative work of our Trinity Vaxx Champions!

Khalya Walker, Class of 2024:


Go Tigers!

♬ original sound – walkerkhayla18

Rochelle Andrade, Class of 2023, International Affairs:

Victoria Bell, Class of 2022, Business:


Trinity Vaxx!

♬ original sound – Victoria Bell

Elva Campos Larios, Class of 2025:

Emairin Cardenas-Garcia, Class of 2024, Biology:


♬ original sound – Emairin

Andrea Chavez Romero, Class of 2023, Chemistry:


#greenscreen #trinitywashington

♬ original sound – Andrea Chavez

Katherine Dunkley, Class of 2022, Biology:


#trinityvaxxchampion #vaxxuptrinity

♬ original sound – katdunkley

Deborah Delcid, Class of 2024, International Affairs:

Jocelyn Granados, Class of 2025:

Dongo Kaka, Class of 2023, Biology:

More tomorrow!!