Trinity Vaxx Champions Part One!

Trinity Vaxx Champions Part One!

Congratulations to our Trinity Vaxx Champions!  Students in the College of Arts & Sciences had the opportunity to submit videos and posters to encourage their sister students to get vaccinated.  The results are fantastic!  We have more than 30 entries, which we will be promoting on social media and in other ways, and I am pleased to present the winners on my blog this week — in batches, starting with the first five here — congratulations, Trinity Vaxx Champions!!  We are so proud of you and grateful for your messages!

Jacqueline Alvarez ’22, Forensic Science Major:


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♬ original sound – Jackie Alvarez

Ronneisha Briscoe ’22, Psychology Major:

Emely Fortiz ’22:

Marisol Chavez ’22, Elementary Education:

Diamond Davis ’24, Nursing:


#covid19 #trinitywashingtonuniversity

♬ original sound – Diamond Davis579

Etni Baharona ’24: