Adirondack Chronicles 2021.3: Independence

Adirondack Chronicles 2021.3: Independence

The humans observed Independence Day in the Adirondacks in many ways.  The unicorn, above, was interested in the flag-bedecked chairs at Blue Mountain Lake.  Meanwhile, in Long Lake, the bear at Hoss’s waved the flag to all passers-by:

With a special shout-out to all those wearing wonderful patriotic hats:

Up at Lake Placid, always count on big 4th of July crowds (all maskless, the pandemic seems long gone up here) and more high-brow activities, such as the annual horse show complete with jumpers:

Tupper Lake, distinctively different, had the circus come to town:

And of course, the ever-present fireworks vendors…

But for those who treasure true independence, there’s nothing like being out in the kayak on a back country lake, just spending the day fishing  along the banks of a beautiful lake…. this is Lake Duran:

Chattering blue jays are showing their colors all over the place, but usually do not stop long enough for portraits.  This one took a few seconds for a quick pose:

I checked-in on the brooding loon and was pleased to see that the mate showed up… perhaps in a switch-off of egg incubation duties (while female loons do most of the brooding, the males sometimes help out!!)…

The loon on the nest took some time to reposition, and to check on the eggs underneath…

And then settled back into the urgent task of keeping those chicks-to-be warm until hatching:

Next up: nature’s glory