Voices of Trinity: Pandemic Advice Part 2

Voices of Trinity: Pandemic Advice Part 2

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Someday we’ll be together again — we will gather once more to “cut the ribbon” to reopen our lives!
The good times shown in the photos on this blog will return!!

This is the second half of the essays from students in Professor Weiler’s English 107 classes offering advice for coping during the Covid-19 pandemic — see the blog below this one for the first set of essays.


In these difficult times where thousands of people are struggling around the world it is hard to see the positive side of things but is important to remind ourselves about the good things that we have in quarantine. We are either surrounded by our loved ones or hopefully in a safe place self-isolating and taking the necessary precautions to be healthy. Is important to remind ourselves that yes, we may be bored, or we may be financially struggling but we are lucky. We have food at our table, we have running water, we have a way to continue our education, we are at last alive. For that we should be grateful and keep staying put with the news to inform ourselves at all times. We have to be able to protect us and our loved ones the best we can. Covid-19 is an epidemic that has taken many people ‘s mainly because they were not aware of how the virus works or didn’t have the resources to fight it. But we do and is our duty to use our privileges in our favor to not let this virus take another life.


This semester has been complicated for everyone at Trinity Washington University.  Students tend to struggle in different ways. I tend to learn as a visual learner — this has affected me because most of the materials I do not understand. Others are struggling by not having the right tools having to do online classes requires a lot, like having wifi, a computer and needing extra support. As an adult you also have other things to worry about this has affected most of us economically and at risk to lose scholarships that require a certain GPA. As a person who is experiencing this pandemic what I really encourage you to do is to work as hard as you can to get through this semester, push yourself off your limits I understand that this caught us off guard but we have big goals to achieve and not everyone is lucky enough to do big things without higher education. This pandemic should be a test that God has sent to us to prove that we are nothing without him, there is nothing impossible for God we as sisters should help each other out and pray to God so he can give us the strength to continue achieving our goal and have the best future. I know that we might not have the same opinions but I just want you to believe in yourself and not let this affect your life and future. Trinity has taught us to get together and find help among each other, this situation will continue for a while but online classes were provided so we do not show up physically to our classes to prevent us getting infected, I know that not everyone has the same support that we need but if you are struggling, email your professors, talk to them and express how you feel and what problems you are having. This can help you a lot. We only have a few months left to continue to strive for your goals. Do not give up, especially if you are a freshman in college.

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One of the greatest gifts a person can give another is support and listening to their emotions. I know you may be feeling a lot of different emotions at the moment just know you have someone out there that will listen and care about you. You should try to give your mind a break try reading a book, coloring, or learning a new hobby. This may be overwhelming but you just keep your head up and push through it. You know what your strengths and goals are so go after it. Never let anything get in your way. You are doing the best you can do and focus on that positive thing. Be there for your family and try to be ear for them. Try spending more time with your loved ones and bond. Be strong, because things will get better soon. It might be a little troubling now but later it won’t. Take this as a teaching lesson and practice on your flaws. You’ll overcome all your troubles and it’ll be a learning experience. Anyone being negative just walks away because negativity isn’t worth it or worrying about it. Facing difficulties in your personal life may not be because you’re doing wrong, it could be your out growing people, or you’re doing something right. Just know whatever you’re facing today you won’t tomorrow so just keep your head up.


Hey You! Yeah, You! You might feel alone at the moment but it might be comforting to know you are not alone during this pandemic. We are all at home like we should be and taking the precautions so congrats you are helping the world by doing so! If you still have to go out to work just know we are all thankful for you to help everything go smoothly! Everyone knows these times are stressful and crucial for everyone so here I have come up with ideas that you can do at home:

Don’t forget to breathe! 5-5-5 breathing, Inhale – Hold – Exhale. Repeat.

Check-in with yourself! Your feelings are valid. You feel what you feel.

Spring Cleaning! A cleaner space may lead to a clearer mind.

Sing, Dance, Create! Sing and dance until you can’t! Create until you are content!

Keep in touch with your loved ones! Family, friends, neighbors or even your pet.

Create or Perfect a recipe! Be your own restaurant.

Find what relaxes you! Take a nap, workout, read a book or binge watch that show you’ve been meaning to catch up on.

Find a new hobby! Take pictures, DIY some clothes, write one-page stories every day, Etc.

Whatever it is you choose to do, know you don’t come out this quarantine as the best you, just come out as you.



Many of us probably never thought this year would’ve been the year to experience “quarantine”. It might feel like the world is ending. Some of us are getting tired of remaining at home and want to go to the mall or on a picnic to enjoy our time. Many of us miss going to work to make money. A Lot of us are not used to taking online classes and do not like them at all. As of right now everyone is wishing the same thing and are facing anxiety, stress and uncertainty. There can be many things going on around you while you remain at home but try to use this time to focus on yourself. Try to figure out what you need to work on to reach where you want to be in life. Oftentimes, due to working, going to school or babysitting we do not have time to think about our life and reflect on ourselves. Also, sometimes we do not spend enough time with our families or those who are very close due to schedules are different so use this time to build a close bond with those you love. Watch movies, play games, exercise, start a blog, and meditate with your family. Try to do something you have been wanting to learn for example doing makeup or learning how to do nails. Now, when it comes down to completing assignments do not stress about it. You should write out due dates for assignments to figure out what you should do first and in the middle of completing assignments take a break and do not spend hours just doing work. Overall, use this time to think positively, stay at home, and have faith that everything will get better soon.


For people that need encouragement in this difficult time, please do not be afraid of getting the virus. As long as you know you are doing everything you are supposed to do to prevent it from happening as far as hygiene and obeying the rules about staying home, you should be fine. Do not let this hard time put so much fear in you but let it be a lesson to always keep good hygiene and be extra careful as far as handling food too. Look at the bright side, at least you get to spend more quality time with your families and be together a little longer than usual. Also, thank goodness we have video chat because you can also video chat your friends and get to know each other a little bit more too, although you are not seeing each other in person. Please, keep hope alive because there will be a vaccine at some point and everything will be back to normal soon. Everything will re-open and it will not be anymore quarantine going on. It is tough having to stay in the house all day, cannot go out to the mall, nail salon, and do fun activities outside in the public all because of this virus. But, I recommend that for the time being, make the best of this situation by making up some games for you and your family, play video games, maybe go outside in your back of front yard and enjoy the nice weather, and enjoy the quality time with your loved ones. Stay safe out there people!

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To make it through this challenging time that everyone in the world is going through, just take time out of your day to pray for better days and making sure that you have faith that this pandemic will end soon. Also, if you know someone that has COVID-19 pray for their wellness too. Some things that you can do that my mother does to strengthen the immune system are to take vitamins, drinking room temperature water and drinking hot tea with ginger, and drinking stuff that has vitamin C in it. For college students I know how stressful it is to have to go through this and do schoolwork. One thing I try to do to cope with the stress of schoolwork is listening to music. This really helps me relax and just get through the work. After doing some work just take a break to relieve some stress. Do something like take a nap, exercise, make some food for your family, watch a new show or even a new movie. In my case sometimes I make TikToks, watch crime shows like The First 48, or have a mini concert in my room by myself to get me through the days of not trying to lose mind. Even though I know that it is painful being forced to stay in the house with nothing to do, just remind yourself that quarantine will be over soon. Being in quarantine is just a way to keep people safe from getting sick.


Right now, is a hard time for most of us, from having all of our class online to the global pandemic that is affecting everything around us. It’s really scary to think about because you can’t do much anymore. You have to stay inside for the whole day, you can’t meet up with friends, you can’t even go to a restaurant because everything is closed due to the pandemic. This is very hard to be adjusting too right now, since we haven’t ever been through something like this before. This pandemic is hurting people mentally, financially, and even physically. From what I have been experiencing I have been very overwhelmed, worried, and anxious and I’m sure all of you guys are feeling the same exact way. So, I am going to share some advice with you all. If you are feeling scared, overwhelmed, worried, anxious or anything else take a deep breath and do something that you love to get your mind off of what is happening. Another piece of advice that works for me is reconnecting with my old friends and catching up with them. This helps me forget about what is happening. Lastly, I hope that all of you are being safe and healthy at this moment and that you are all finding a way to cope with the pandemic.

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With pandemic everyone is worried because we don’t know when it is going to end. But let me tell you something; we need to stick together; we need to listen and stay home to not continue spreading this virus. I advise everyone who is struggling in this time to try educating themselves by watching cooking videos or you should take a psychology class.  Another way to not waste your time is playing a game with your family. And finally you should try a new routine instead of having breakfast like usual you should add a piece of chicken to your breakfast or you can switch your breakfast to your lunch and your lunch to your dinner that way you wouldn’t get tired of doing the same thing every day.  First, we should try to spend our time wisely by doing something that may require you to think, express yourself or live your thought out. Like watching cooking videos, you would learn how to cook an Italian pasta, or you can also learn how to bake banana bread. Learning something is a good time to spend. Also, this time you should take a psychology class which would help you to live your stress out. Secondly, playing a game with your family is a good time to spend because your time is going to run quietly, and you wouldn’t feel that how many hours just passed. A game can be the one you only play in special times like Christmas or Thanksgiving. You should try to play it this time with all the issues that are going on. Spending time in a game which may require thinking, accepting or arguing may help you to feel less bored at home. Switching things sometimes is good for you and for your family. Thirdly, you should try to switch your everyday routine from breakfast to lunch or lunch to dinner. This way you are not doing the same thing every day. These changes may be helpful because you are practicing something that you had never done before. In conclusion, we should all try to do something different in these times, this is the time where we should all try something new.


While being part of a historical event, everything can get overwhelming. Many of us aregoing through rough times. We are constantly questioning when this will all be over. Although this is something to be worried about, this will only add on to the stress we have. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had several anxiety attacks from this pandemic. Though I knew I didn’t want to keep doing that to myself. I would like to share how I’m managing to keep my mental health stable. I hope this will encourage someone when they’re going through a rough time. If you are able to, I recommend taking a drive by yourself with calming music. People need to recharge their energy and being by themselves helps. Music helps people forget what’s going on. In this case, it has helped me forget what’s going on in the world. You can also take a walk around your neighborhood or a park. Being in nature can remind you how beautiful and calming the world can be. Although you should follow CDC procedures of staying six-feet away from people if you go to a park. While there are rainy days, you can rearrange your room to distract your mind from what you believe is important to think about. For example, if your siblings are bothering you, you want to feel that frustration or anger you have built up. Your mind will repeat that emotion over and over again in your head because that’s the only thing you’re focusing on. If you do something that will require more attention, your mind will shift from thinking about that frustration you had to wondering if you should still keep that t-shirt from 5th grade. You can also start a puzzle, friendship bracelets, color or paint. I hope this helps someone while they’re going through a rough time.

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During this time, I have been going through many changes that were not necessarily mychoice. Having to stay at home all day I have created a routine to keep myself occupied during the day. I have learned that moving to different areas in my house helps me concentrate on what I am doing. When I do my homework, I try to do it in a space that’s not my bedroom because I have designated that space just to sleep. A couple hours a week I dedicate to learning French on Duolingo, I have been putting off practicing French, but this seems like the perfect time to get back into learning a new language. I think it’s also important to take advantage to spend time with family. We do many activities together such as watching movies, playing games, cooking, and just talking. I recommend to not stop doing what you enjoy just find new ways to implement that into this new way of living. I enjoy reading and found that my eyes have been getting really tired from all the time I sent on the computer, so I decided to compromise and use audible to still listen to books and my eyes don’t feel as tired. I also recommend getting in touch with friends and family over the phone, being able to talk to others helps free up the mind and it’s important to check how they are doing. Even though I don’t like to think about this pandemic all day I have found that keeping up with local news is essential to be updated on what is going on around me.


During this time of leave the United States is going through a very rough patch politically, economically, socially, psychologically and mentally. There are people losing their lives over this pandemic that has pretty much came out of nowhere and people are fighting for their lives on a daily basis and it’s very hard for society to keep up and keep these people healthy because we do not have enough people in the world to cure these people. For the people who are dealing with family members or friends they have the pandemic or have lost their lives to the pandemic  I am so sorry for your loss , I’m sorry that you lost somebody over a disease that we didn’t see coming. My advice to everyone in this time of need is please stay healthy , stay around your family make sure they’re healthy, make sure you’re healthy because most of all your health is the most important thing right now and you have a support system through the school through your family through modern day society and nobody wants you to forget that . You were just as important as the people who have the cases or the people who are treating the cases of the coronavirus, you are just as important as anybody else in this world and there is always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel through this pandemic. This may be a hard time to stay positive and stay happy but just remember everything comes together at the end. On a positive note and not only do other people have to stay positive but you also have to stay positive because during this time that’s all anybody could ask for. It’s been very hard especially with the social distancing to help people but go out and try to at least be a part of a nonprofit organization that gives people clothes and food while they’re out of a job or just simply stay positive to the people who are not happy right now. There are a lot of people in the world. I do not have a job anymore and need food and clothes, they’re looking for people like us or you to help them get back on their feet and give them that hope they’re looking for. The only thing I ask is to have hope, hope will drive this negative energy out of the world right now and that’s all we can do right now as a community we must encourage others to stay healthy and help each other stay healthy. It’s going to be hard at first but everything will come back to normal very soon I believe. We all just have to come together and help each other and make each other feel as if there’s nothing going on in the world because that’s all we can do as a society right now.



“The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble”- Psalm 9:9.  I know we are all going through an extraordinary time and it’s tough to try to keep ourselves sane. Due to the rapid growth of this disease, most of us were and are still not prepared for how much our lives changed in the last few weeks. I want to start by saying that this too shall pass, and we must remain alert not anxious. We must listen to the experts’ advice if we want this to be done soon. Most of us might not be working and are stuck at home bored out of our minds. There’s not much we can do outdoors to entertain ourselves, but if you like to go on runs or walk your dog, there are lots of trails around this area. Or even just hanging in your backyard and breathing fresh air can really boost your mood. Just wear a mask and enjoy the simple things in life. Enjoy nature’s beauty, plant flowers, trees or whatever you like. Being inside will not help because we get tired of the same routine every day. This time is great to discover and know ourselves a little more, maybe we have a talent that we never knew we had. Since last week my sisters and I have been painting rocks outside our house, and today we will paint Easter eggs. We haven’t done that since like three years ago so we’re picking up on fun things. Drawing and painting is a great skill, just let your imagination flow. Lately I have been enhancing my baking skills and pleasing my sweet tooth(not good) encountered myself doing lots of cooking/baking with my mom and sister and that helps alleviate stress. Please try not to be on social media too much because it only promotes more fear and anxiety. It’s fine to be informed but try not to give all your time and attention to the news because it makes people feel worse. I recommend each day to set goals and try something new and hopefully these times we are using it effectively. This is not permanent and together can get through it. Remember, don’t be selfish stay home and protect those around you and check on your loved ones, and those who are most vulnerable.


The pandemic has taken over our day to day tasks worldwide and for some of us it has been difficult to cope with. Many jobs have unfortunately been forced to close in order to prevent the spread of the virus and because of this many of us are unable to pay our bills. The virus has also brought families together which is needed in these moments of crisis. Instead of consistently watching the news about updates we have to focus our energy on ways we can improve ourselves and help others. Now more than ever we have to check up on each other to see how we are coping with the virus and even get advice. Our mental state has been compromised by the virus, but we can rule out the negative thoughts by exercising, painting, learning to dance, practicing yoga, cooking, cleaning, etc. All of these actions can help relieve stress and in doing so we are also helping our bodies conform with the switch of taking regular activities to being home in bed all day. In this moment we also have to realize our families are also struggling with the loss of jobs, however we can also help take their minds off by playing board games or practicing family games. The corona virus has taken a piece of our lives but we have to keep positive thoughts and prayers that it will all be over soon and we will continue with our lives.


 During this hard time, I want you to know that you’re not alone. No one expected this to happen and as a result of that, no one was prepared for such drastic changes. Although it’s been hard to adjust to these changes, we have to stay positive. Use this time to get closer to your family, to start a new hoppy and to acknowledge the things you once took for granted. If you are struggling with online school, know that I am too, as well as many other college students around the world. This pandemic has taken a toll on many people around this globe, many people’s lives have changed. Although we might feel anxious or stressed, or maybe even bored, other people have it worse right now. We have to be more appreciative of our health and well-being because there are people who are currently dying. The word pandemic itself means “ (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.” If the whole world is going through this, it means that we’re all going through a similar position. Once the pandemic is over, we’ll all get up together and continue to fight for our country and planet’s well being. Be mindful that Trinity is offering support for students who need it. If you ever feel like you need help, there are many places (sites, programs) that are helping students at this time. Hopefully when this pandemic is over, we’ll appreciate more of the people around us and the importance of social interaction.

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Thanks to Professor Jill Weiler and the students in English 107 for sharing your thoughts about coping during the pandemic!  We WILL be back together soon and make new memories together!  Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay strong!

We. Are. Trinity!