Sights, Sounds, Shout-Outs!

Sights, Sounds, Shout-Outs!

Spring comes to Trinity!  One of our most beautiful seaons… the cherry trees in front of Main Hall are blossoming, the birds are singing lustily in the trees and bushes, and the grass is green and lush.  What’s missing from this picture?  YOU!  We miss seeing each other on that front lawn, the front steps, in the dining hall, the sidewalks to the Library and Payden Center, in the Fitness Center and out on the tennis courts and soccer fields.  Know that I am thinking of you and can’t wait until this campus is full of students, faculty, staff and friends once more!

This week we are launching the First Annual Trinity Backyard Bird Photo Contest!  It’s simple — observe birds and wildlife you see in your yard and neighborhood, write down descriptions, take photos if you can, send them to and I’ll publish on my blog!  Read more about the contest here:  Backyard Bird Contest Samples and Instructions

Thanks to all who have stayed in touch with your Purple and Gold photos!  Here’s our latest #TrinityStrong slideshow with the new photos from last week:

Well-Deserved Shout-Outs to Trinity Heroes!

I asked the Trinity community to send some “shout-outs” to recognize those whose work is really heroic at this time, people who are going the extra mile for others.  I will continue to post on this blog so please send me your shout-outs for students, faculty, staff, others who are helping you through this challenging time!

Counseling Program Faculty:  a student writes, “I wanted to share with you my gratitude for my counseling professors – Professor Johnson, Dr. Oprea, Dr. Knox, and Dr. Reese. During this season of life, I have confirmed the importance of the concept “Taking a Village” from the late psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory. I can only imagine the physical and mental effects that we all may be experiencing due to job loss, fear of the virus, or simply surviving during this pandemic. My professors have gone the extra mile to make sure we know what to expect moving forward with our virtual -classes. They have also done a fantastic job of keeping my anxiety down during these tough times. With so much chaos, I wanted to shed light on how blessed I am to have my counseling program.”

Dr. Kelley Wood, MSA Program:  a student writes, “Thank you Dr. Kelly Wood for going an extra mile, helping me by providing resources and words of encouragement during this difficult time. I appreciate your effort to maintain a very positive  calm attitude when faced with challenging situations.”

Karen Gainor, Development Office:  her colleague Patrick Kellogg writes, “She has been indispensable to the work flow of the Development Office – in terms of picking up mail, processing gifts and generating acknowledgements.  She has really stepped up in terms of people we can trust and turn to in a crisis.  She keeps the money moving…”  And another colleagues Barbara Goliday writes, “Because of her excellent stewardship of the WHF Foundation and the research she provided to me and Patrick, we were able to get more funding from them this year. Karen rocks!”

Professor Brian Sutton, Psychology:  a student writes, “To Professor Sutton for making this transition smooth as possible. He checks in with his students daily and encourages us as well. He rocks!”

Trinity Center Director Rob Hanlen and Fitness Instructor Patina Browder:  a colleague writes, “Rob has worked very hard to get our Trinity Center fitness classes online.  This has turned out to be an invaluable act as our members have still been able to connect with their workout classmates, and people have had a chance to connect with others, while getting in some much needed exercise.  Our main instructor has been Patina Browder, and she is amazing…connecting with each and every person on the call, making us all feel special, and giving us tips on how to improve our workout techniques.  These two worked to turn a challenging situation into a solution for us all.”

Associate Dean and Professor Tom Mostowy:  A senior criminal justice major writes,  “I have taken Professor Thomas Mostowy multiple times and have had an enriching experience each time, online has been no different. He has responded promptly to my multiple emails and has made learning virtually a nice experience. His work has been manageable and he is available all of the time. he’s very accommodating and I really appreciate him. Thank you so much.”

All of our Fabulous Academic Advisors:  I would also like to give a big shout-out to our very hard-working team of academic advisors who are working with the guidance of our academic deans and Associate Provost Debbie Van Camp who also deserves this shout-out.  Please cheer for all of our advisors including (CAS Advisors) Tabatha Cuadra, Kenya Kirkland, Alex Earley and Marla Cunningham; (NHP Advisor) Sarah Trippensee; (SPS, BGS and EDU Advisors) Antonio Otey, Stacey Holloway and Brittany Wills; and also Cristina Lynch who advises all students at THEARC as well as manages our program there.  THANK YOU, TEAM, you are heroes for so many of our students!!

Dr. Elizabeth Child, Professor of English:  a student writes, “Dr. Child has worked tremendously to transition our traditional classes to an online format but still manages to create a lively discussion. As English majors we rely on each other and our Professor as well, to discuss difficult topics. So the absence of either of those things makes it hard. However, Dr. Child has gone above and beyond to make sure we have the tools we need to succeed in her classes. It is not easy but we are pushing through!”

Enrollment Services Team:  working hard to make sure all financial aid packages are set for both returning and new students, processing registrations for the summer and fall (have you registered yet?  Do it now!!), doing graduation audits to make sure that everyone completing degrees gets done on time, fielding countless emails and phone calls while working from home, and some coming here to the office, and generally doing everything necessary to keep Trinity’s enrollment systems moving forward.  Let’s all give a huge shout-out to VP Cathy Geier who leads this team, to Director of Financial Aid Martha Molina, and to the wonderful team members Leneta Smithen, Nicole Rouse, Juanita Artis, Shandra Williams and Karen Vanegas.  THANK YOU!!!

A student wrote on our recent survey:  “I would like to Shoutout Professor Jared Miller who has moved a painting class to online solely. His videos are extremely helpful. I would also like to shoutout Dr. Daryl Thorne, who has been extremely patient and tech savvy with classes that were moved to online. She over extends herself with making sure we understand the format of how she wants our senior papers.Lastly, I would like to shout Ms. Kenya Kirkland. I am probably her only senior on her advising list, and she has always been helpful. She took time to check on me during my last semester, and I really appreciate that”

Also, a HUGE shout-out to our friends on the Metz Food Service Team, Aramark Facilities Team, and Allied Universal Security Team —- these service providers are making sure that our small group of resident students is well-fed, safe and that our facilities are clean and operational.  Thanks to all!