Trinity Applauds DACA Decision

Trinity Applauds DACA Decision

June 18, 2020: The Trinity community stands with all Dreamers and applauds the historic Supreme Court decision to strike down the Administration’s to end DACA. The decision, written by Chief Justice Roberts, called the Administration’s order to rescind DACA was “arbitrary and capricious.” For interviews, contact Ann Pauley, Trinity Media Relations,

Statement by President Pat McGuire, Trinity Washington University

Today is a triumph for justice in America and the dignity of all human persons. Young people whose presence in this country is a result of their parents’ flight from violence and oppression in search of a better life deserve respect, support and every opportunity to succeed in American society. Opening pathways for opportunity and success for undocumented young people was President Obama’s entire purpose in creating the DACA program, and the program has been a great success for both the Dreamers and our nation. The cruel action of the Trump Administration in rescinding DACA caused immense pain and suffering among Dreamers who did nothing wrong, who have been striving for better lives for themselves and their families. The Supreme Court has rightly rejected the Trump Administration’s unjust and cynical political action.

Trinity Washington University enrolls more than 100 Dreamers in our undergraduate women’s college, about 10% of our full-time students. Dreamers at Trinity are study body leaders, scholars and athletes, advocates and activists for justice. Dreamers have been the majority of Phi Beta Kappa inductees at Trinity for the last three years; their retention and graduation rates are among our highest, and they achieve academic honors consistently. Our DACA students also work, pay taxes, support families and work to improve their communities. They are sought-after by employers, and many are working on the front lines today as nurses and healthcare workers, teachers and nonprofit leaders.  They are an important part of the future of our community and nation. Trinity thanks Justice Roberts and the Supreme Court for recognizing the worth and dignity of these great women who we are so proud to call Trinity students and alumnae.

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