Trinity Requires All Students, Faculty and Staff to be Fully Vaccinated Against Covid-19 Before Returning to Campus

Covid-19 Vaccine Verification: Trinity requires all students, faculty and staff to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and provide vaccination documentation prior to being on campus when activities and activities begin in August for the Fall 2021 semester. Join our Trinity #VaxxChampions and get vaccinated today! Still not sure? Take a moment and watch their TikTok messages! 

IMPORTANT: You need to plan ahead to be sure you are fully vaccinated:

  • For all 3 Covid vaccines, you are FULLY VACCINATED A FULL 2 WEEKS AFTER your last shot.
  • Vaccines that are given in 2 shots require 3-4 weeks IN BETWEEN your 1st and 2nd shot: 3 weeks for Pfizer, 4 weeks for Moderna. And then you are FULLY vaccinated 2 weeks AFTER your second shot!
  • If you haven’t gotten your first or second shot, you need to do it NOW! Locate a vaccine near you – see below.

STUDENTS: You MUST be vaccinated! Please use the form on Trinity’s website here to provide proof of full vaccination by submitting your information and an image of your vaccine card. You can also provide a copy in person to the Health and Wellness Center (Main 461) or Dr. Karen Gerlach (Main 228); email a copy to or; or fax it to 202-884-9614.  If you require a religious or medical exemption, please provide notice on the form, so that we may follow-up with you regarding your request. If you have only received your first shot, please contact Dr. Karen Gerlach and let her know: 

FACULTY AND STAFF: All returning faculty and staff must provide proof of full vaccination. The August 12 deadline has passed. If you have not yet provided your verification, please contact Tracey Prince Ross immediately. You must provide your verification directly to Tracey Prince Ross in Human Resources. Send a copy of your completed vaccination card to her at You may take a picture of your card and e-mail it, or scan your car and e-mail it, or bring a copy to the Human Resources office. If you require a religious accommodation for not getting the vaccine, please contact Tracey Prince Ross directly to discuss your options, so that we may support you. If you require a medical accommodation for not getting the vaccine, please provide her with documentation from your healthcare provider, so that we may support you.


Find YOUR Covid-19 Vaccine!

All persons 12 and older are now eligible for free vaccines. Use these links for information on how to get your 1st or 2nd dose:

Walk-up Vaccinations in Washington, D.C. – Free, No Registration!

Find a location in D.C. here! No registration is needed, and the vaccines are FREE, so come out and #GetVaccinatedDC! You can even check on the D.C. wait times here.

Additional Vaccine Information

Trinity: Don’t wait – time to vaccinate!

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