Week of Jan. 24: In-person Classes Are Online

Week of Jan. 24: In-person Classes Are Online

Message from President McGuire, January 5, 2022

As the post-holiday coronavirus surge continues in the metropolitan Washington region, we have decided to make some additional adjustments to our January schedule as follows:

1. College of Arts and Sciences and School of Nursing and Health Professions classes (and some School of Professional Studies classes) that would have started in-person on Monday, January 24, will start online for the first week. As of now we plan to return to the in-person format on Monday, January 31.

We believe that starting the first week online will give everyone more time to get tested and, if necessary, to isolate for ten days if you test positive. We are urging everyone who has been away for the holidays to get tested as soon as possible. If you get a positive test, you should isolate for ten days (which is now longer than the recent CDC guidance, but we are sticking with ten days for now), and you should also report your positive test to Health Services via healthcenter@trinitydc.edu

2. All other classes that were always scheduled to be online will continue to start on time and online as planned (School of Professional Studies, School of Business and Graduate Studies, School of Education, School of Nursing and Health Professions). Please consult the academic calendar for the start dates. If you need further clarification, please contact your academic advisor or dean who will be happy to help you.

  • Winter Term sessions started on January 3, 2022, all online.
  • Term 1 School of Professional and Graduate Studies (School of Professional Studies, School of Business and Graduate Studies, School of Education) classes start on January 11, all online.
  • Monthly classes start on January 21, all online.

3. Resident Students may still move-in on the schedule you have previously received, starting on January 15. Residents must plan on testing and providing the results to Health Services. Residents who test positive will be in isolation for ten days, and Dr. Gerlach and the Residence Life team will provide additional instructions for you.

4. Offices and All Campus Services have returned to in-person office hours, as of January 18.

Use these links for more information:

As a reminder, these are Trinity’s essential Covid protocols:


I sent the message below on December 20, 2021, and am re-sending to underscore our vaccine mandate including getting booster shots as soon as you are eligible:

DC Mayor Bowser has ordered required vaccines AND booster shots for all DC employees and all DC government contractors — Trinity is a DC government contractor and so we must comply with the order. 

Booster shots are essential in helping to manage the omicron variant of the virus — while none of the vaccines can guarantee 100% protection against getting the virus, the cases are revealing that those who are vaccinated have less severe illness if they do get infected, and persons who have received booster shots have the most protection against serious illness and death.  The Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are the most effective and highly recommended for the booster shots.

ALL TRINITY STUDENTS, FACULTY, STAFF AND VENDOR PARTNER PERSONNEL who plan to be on campus in the Spring 2022 semester must provide proof of full vaccination, including booster shots.  Your booster should come six months after your initial series of the vaccine.  Boosters are free and available at all area pharmacies.   If you are within the six-month window of your original vaccinations and, hence, have to wait to get your booster shot, please let us know your status and when you will be eligible to get the booster shot.  Use the same links as for your vaccination status:

  • Students: Use this form on our website (same form as you have used previously, upload a new copy of your vaccination card or a note about the date when you can get your booster shot)
  • Personnel: Upload a photo of your vaccine card or a note about your booster date to Tracey Prince Ross in HR princeTR@trinitydc.edu

If you have a previously approved religious or medical exemption you do not need to re-apply for the exemption.  Even if you have a current exemption, we urge you to consider getting the vaccine, it not only protects you from serious illness, it also protects our community.   If you already have received your first vaccines you may NOT receive an exemption for the booster shots, you need to get boosted.

If you have not provided proof of vaccination and have not been exempted, you need to comply with this policy before the start of the Spring 2022 semester.  We will be contacting you about your compliance status.

If you traveled during the holidays, we ask that you take a Covid-19 test with a negative result before returning to campus. If you have any symptoms, please do not come to campus, and instead, stay home and get a Covid test.   We will provide more information on testing and follow-up very soon; we have ordered a supply of rapid at-home tests and will advise you when they are available.  If you are a DC resident, you can get free rapid in-home tests at various sites.  Here are links to testing information in all local jurisdictions:

We continue to require all other protocols for protection against Covid-19 including:

Masks: Everyone must wear masks indoors for all activities; we have ordered a supply of KN-95 masks and will make them available when they arrive.

Hand-washing: Goes without saying: WASH YOUR HANDS all the time!

Social distancing: Please stay 6 feet or more away from others.

Visitors: We continue to have limited access for visitors on campus; Dr. Gerlach has provided instructions for resident students and parents attending games; on the whole, unless absolutely essential, please plan to have your visitors virtually for now.

This Covid-19 situation is evolving rapidly in our region and nationally, and please be assured that I am following all of the guidances very closely.  I will let you know if anything changes in the plans announced above.

Sincerely, President Pat McGuire

Key Trinity Managers:

Overall Direction: President Patricia McGuire, president@trinitydc.edu 202-884-9050

Student Affairs and Health Services: Dr. Karen Gerlach, Vice President for Student Affairs, gerlachK@trinitydc.edu, 202-884-9203

Academic Affairs: Dr. Carlota Ocampo, Provost, ocampoC@trinitydc.edu, 202-884-9209

Facilities Services: Mr. William Shaffer, Director of Facilities, shafferW@trinitydc.edu, 202-884-9333

Human Resources: Ms. Tracey Prince Ross, Executive Director of Human Resources, princeTr@trinitydc.edu, 202-884-9126

Media Questions: Ann Pauley, Media Relations, pauleya@trinitydc.edu, 202-884-9725

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