Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus Information

This page is your go-to resource about how Trinity is handling the Coronavirus. This page will be updated, so be sure to check back for new information. Additional information is available on the Coronavirus on Trinity’s Health and Wellness site.


Message from Trinity President Pat McGuire
Heading into Week #3: How’s Everybody Doing? Take The Survey!

Dear Trinity Students and Colleagues,

Check out the great photos from last week’s Purple and Gold day and other scenes from “working/teaching/learning at home” you are all marvelous!  Watch the video! 

I’d like to know more about how you are doing as we head into  Week #3 of the Coronavirus Crisis.  I have created a very quick survey that will help me and the Senior Executive Staff understand more about your needs and how we should be planning for the next few weeks.  Can you take a minute and fill out this survey now?  Thank you!!

Some things you need to know as we head into Week #3:

Governors Hogan of Maryland and Northam of Virginia and Mayor Bowser have issued “stay at home” orders so you should really now be staying home. Trinity’s offices are closed — we have instructions online for getting in touch with all staff, and they are also sending many messages about this, so please know that we are here for you, just virtually.

We do have some “essential” functions that must occur physically on campus, and these continue and I am so grateful to the staff involved for making sure these services continue without interruption:

  • Resident students will continue to have food service, security, facilities services and all other essential parts of residential services.  Big shout out to Holly Rockingham and our residence life team along with our service providers!
  • Security, food, facilities, healthcare, post office are all “essential” services and will continue. In the same way, some staff will need to come on a rotational basis to receive or deliver checks — please note if you are a student awaiting a check, the Business Office will be open limited hours this Friday, April 3, for that purpose, but only on Friday, not other days this week.  We will post the open hours when we know them.
  • Payroll services are also “essential” and so many thanks to Tracey Prince, Chandra Hawkins and Hanan Adnan for keeping our HR functions going at this time!!
  • Children’s National Hospital continues to use our south parking lot for drive-through testing for children with pediatrician referrals.  If you need to know more about how to get a referral please visit the Children’s National site.

Please know that I continue to be concerned for each of you, and I am eager to know how we might help you as we move through this extraordinary period together.  If you know of someone who deserves a shout-out from me, please let me know!  A great teacher, a wise student, a helpful advisor, a terrific colleague — let’s spend our time lifting up the best among us, I will be eager to share stories of great work with everyone.

In the same way, if you have more private concerns or worries, please drop me a line:   I can’t fix everything, but often I can help get something resolved quickly.

Thanks to everyone for your great resilience and Trinity Spirit in these strange days.   Now go search for something purple or gold, we will have another Purple and Gold Day this Friday!  Be forewarned!!

Take the Survey!

With every wish for your health and safety,

President Pat McGuire

Key Resources and Contacts:

Coronavirus Information, Trinity Health and Wellness Center

Dr. Jacqueline Newsome-Williams, Trinity Health and Wellness Center

Dr. Karen Gerlach, Vice President of Student Affairs

Dr. Carlota Ocampo, Provost, Academic Affairs

Who’s Who at Trinity – Who should I talk to about ….

Media Inquiries: Ann Pauley

Message from Trinity President Pat McGuire

Good morning, Trinity!  I am thinking of all of you, students, faculty, staff, colleagues, sister and brother travelers on this strange new road we did not choose but across which we must journey.  I am already thinking of what we will be doing to have a “renaissance” time at the end of this period of wandering the desert.  If anyone has ever wondered about the meaning of the Gospels, now is the time to meditate on the time in the desert, the time of suffering… and then, Resurrection!  We will get to that day!  Have faith!

Even with that encouragement, the daily news reminds us of our current predicament.  Mayor Bowser has now ordered the closure of “non-essential” business.  Trinity provides many essential services that will continue to support our students in residence — security, food, housekeeping and facilities, healthcare, mail services — and members of the community who are online or working/teaching/learning remotely and need ongoing support from technology services and other services.  Most of our non-campus based services are now virtual, and I am so grateful to everyone for your creative responses to this moment in our history.

While we have tried to keep some offices and the library open for minimal services to students, in light of Mayor Bowser’s order we will now keep our physical offices closed and the library will close.  However, do not despair!  Main Hall remains accessible for wifi and computers for students who need that access — enter through the basement by the security desk and please show your ID.  Individual faculty members or staff members who need to access your offices may still do so.

All offices and services remain fully available online!  Our staff are all working remotely and eager to support whatever you need.  Please consult the web page for any department you need and you can find the email, phone numbers and other information necessary.  Our librarians will continue to provide services online, please use the Library Referral Form and that page has other helpful information. You can also reach out to your advisor and many services through Starfish.

If you are concerned about anything, please let me know, I will try to get you whatever assistance you need.  I know these are tough times for everyone, and you are showing so much fortitude as we keep instruction moving forward.

Please send me your pictures, as I requested yesterday, see below, it’s great to hear from you and I will start posting those I’ve received on my blog laA picture containing food Description automatically generatedter this week — thanks to those who responded!  I’ve posted a new pic today with a piece of advice — reach out to an old friend you haven’t heard from.  One of my high school classmates and I had a great exchange this morning, it was like old times and fun to be in touch with her.  Don’t wait for someone to ping you, just reach out, you’d be surprised how much someone else will appreciate your “virtual” touch!

Thanks to everyone for all that you are doing these days, stay in touch, and I’ll keep you informed of developments each day.

With hope for the coming springtime,

President Pat McGuire

Here’s my pic for today — send me yours!!

Message from Trinity President Pat McGuire
Send In Photos/Messages to Tell the World About Trinity!

Dear Trinity Students and Colleagues,

Miss you!  I hope everyone is OK and I hear you are doing marvelous work with “remote” learning… bravo to all!

But I do miss seeing you regularly, so here’s a fun thing if you’d like to join in — can you please send me a photo of where you are “social distancing” at home or elsewhere, and maybe include a message of hope and encouragement for the  Trinity community — a greeting, a quote, a thought…. Here’s my pic… everyone’s will be more glam than this, I’m sure….