Trinity DARE: Driving Actions for Racial Equality

Trinity DARE: Driving Actions for Racial Equality

September 16, 2020: President McGuire announces Trinity DARE: Driving Actions for Racial Equity, a program focused on specific actions to improve the lifelong economic and social opportunities for Trinity students.

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For 123 years, Trinity has pursued a commitment to equity for women as our primary mission in the historic Trinity College, the undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences.  Today, with a majority of African American students enrolled, and a substantial proportion of Latina students, Trinity affirms that our historic mission includes racial equity in keeping with the Catholic social justice teachings that infuse all teaching and learning at Trinity.

Trinity in 2020 enrolls more than 1800 students in undergraduate and graduate programs, and about 95% of our students are Black, Hispanic and multi-racial, representing a broad range of global communities, true citizens of the world. Men as well as women enroll in graduate and professional programs. More than half of Trinity students are residents of the District of Columbia — Trinity educates more D.C. residents than any other private university.  Trinity is designated by the U.S. Department of Education as a Predominantly Black Institution and a Minority Serving Institution.  Reflecting the circumstances of poverty and marginalization that afflict communities of color, the median family income of full-time Trinity undergraduates is just about $25,000; 80% are eligible for Pell Grants.

There’s a lot of talk about racial equity, but there needs to be more action.  Through Trinity DARE, we commit to taking specific actions that can improve the lifelong economic and social opportunities of our students and their families.  We invite all alumnae and alumni, friends and benefactors to join us — contact me directly to discuss how you can take the Trinity DARE!

President Patricia McGuire
Trinity Washington University