President Patricia McGuire Blogging for The Huffington Post

President Patricia McGuire Blogging for The Huffington Post

President Patricia McGuire was invited by The Huffington Post to be a regular blogger and she officially began blogging on September 15, 2011, when the web site launched its Washington-focused HuffPostDC. Her first blog, “The Agenda We Left Behind,” addresses the great socio-economic divide in D.C. and how it particularly impacts children.

Readers can bookmark her blog on The Huffington Post and read her posts regularly; in addition, readers can register and receive an e-mail when she posts a new blog. Since her first post, subsequent blog posts include:

  • “A Dubious Equality,” in which she reflects on the recent tragedy at Bowie State.
  • “Nobody Getting Along Here,” in which she focuses on tensions among legislators on the D.C. Council – and in the U.S. Congress; she notes that “a refresher course in conflict management and negotiation skills might be a useful requirement for all members of Congress and the D.C. Council!”
  • “Danny, Row Your Boat Ashore,” in which she reflects on Redskins owner Daniel Snyder’s recent purchase of a $70 million yacht while “One-third of children in the District of Columbia go to bed hungry at night.”
  • “Occupy the Lives of Children in DC,” in which she comments on the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy DC protests, and notes, “I wish the protesters would march for justice for the 9,000 young adults aged 16-24 in the District of Columbia who are neither employed nor in school, as a recent Brookings report revealed.”

“President McGuire’s blog on The Huffington Post will bring increased national visibility to Trinity,” said Ann Pauley, vice president for institutional advancement, “and she will bring a thoughtful, intelligent, and sometimes provocative voice to the national discourse on a range of relevant and critical issues.”

While President McGuire’s blog posts are featured on HuffPostDC, they are also deployed throughout The Huffington Post site, depending on the topic.

Other Trinity graduates who blog for The Huffington Post include Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius ’70 and Caryl Rivers ’59, author and journalism professor at Boston University.