Governor Sebelius ’70 Reflects on Barack Obama’s Historic Campaign

Governor Sebelius '70

Governor Sebelius '70

Trinity graduate and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius ’70 reflected on Barack Obama’s historic campaign and his ties to Kansas in an interview with reporters immediately after she voted on November 4.  Sebelius endorsed Obama in January 2008 and spent months campaigning for him. Watch the video of her interview.

According to the Lawrence Journal-World and News, Sebelius told reporters that “I like to remind people that Barack Obama may have been raised in some exotic locations, but he was raised by Kansas women.  His mother and his grandmother came out of this state; those are the values he has.  I think he has a strong connection to this state, and that kind of set his moral compass and set his path.”

Sebelius noted that Kansas’ motto. “To the stars through difficulty,” reflects Obama’s campaign.

Talking to reporters, Sebelius declined to speculate on whether she would serve in an Obama administration should he win.

“This isn’t about me getting a new job. It’s about all of us having a new president, and somebody who I think will be very good for Kansas,” she said. The media have mentioned Sebelius as a potential candidate for several different positions in Obama’s cabinet.

Sebelius is serving her second term as governor of Kansas. When she was first elected it marked the first time that a Democrat won state-wide election in Kansas in 60 years.  She was named one of the best governors in the nation by TIME magazine and is recognized for forging bipartisan unity in Kansas.

Video of Interview with Governor Sebelius

Governor Sebelius