President McGuire’s Blog is Featured on the Front Page of the New York Times

The New York Times featured President McGuire’s blog on the front page of the November 22, 2006, edition. The article, “Erasing Divide, College Leaders Take to Blogging,”opens with President McGuire’s blog and notes that “about a dozen or so presidents,” like President McGuire, “are vaulting the digital and generational divide and starting their own blogs.”

While a few other presidential blogs are mentioned, President McGuire’s blog is given the most prominent coverage. The article also features a photo of her actually writing her blog in her office.

The day the story appeared in print and online, it was one of the 15 most e-mailed stories in the New York Times.

Read the full story and read the President’s blog.

NYT: “Erasing Divide, College Leaders Take to Blogging”