Focus on Health Care

Focus on Health Care

Inspired by the Sisters of Notre Dame’s mission to serve others, Trinity alumnae have pursued careers in health care since the earliest years of the college. In 1913, Dr. Honora K. Shine, Class of 1909, was the first Trinity graduate to earn a medical degree, from the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania. She was followed by Dr. Kathleen Degnan Miller, Class of 1910, who earned her medical degree from Cornell University.

Since those early days, many Trinity alumnae have become doctors, nurses, physical therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and other health care providers. Other alumnae have pursued careers in health care policy and advocacy on Capitol Hill and in nonprofit organizations dedicated to health care issues.

Dr. Nicole Lang ’89In this issue, we focus on just a few of the many alumnae engaged in health care. Dr. Nicole Lang ’89 is bringing a holistic approach to her pediatrics practice. Dr. Kathleen Bober-Sorcinelli ’76 focuses on patient-centered cancer care. Dr. Barbara Onderchek Black ’62 has had a distinguished medical career. Dr. Wendy Madigosky ’95 is teaching tomorrow’s doctors at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver. In the field of health care advocacy, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Gilligan Sebelius ’70 is the nation’s top administrator for improving the health of all Americans, while Margaret McManus ’73 and Jennifer Hicks Bright ’91 lead nonprofit organizations dedicated to advancing health care.

We also focus on Trinity’s new School of Nursing and Health Professions which is expanding and growing at a fast pace and addressing the great need for health care providers in the Washington region. We also meet six current Trinity students and recent graduates who are pursuing careers as nurses and doctors.

There are, of course, so many more alumnae who, as health care providers and advocates, are making a difference in the lives of others each and every day. This sampling of alumnae and students shines a light on the many ways in which Trinity is contributing to the vitally important field of health care.