Trustee Profile: Paula Gizzarelli Lettice ’71

Trustee Profile: Paula Gizzarelli Lettice ’71


Paula Gizzarelli Lettice '71

Paula Gizzarelli Lettice ’71

Hometown: Barrington, Rhode Island.

Alma Mater: Trinity College ’71.

Major: Political science.

Graduate Study: Master’s in public administration, George Washington University ’75.

Employment: Chief Financial Officer, Office of the Architect of the Capitol.

Why I Chose Trinity: A women’s college in an urban area had a certain appeal to me, having attended public (co-ed) school since kindergarten. Trinity’s location in such a gorgeous city, with its buildings and architecture, and a wealth of professional, cultural and social opportunities was too good to pass up!

Accomplishment of which I am most proud: This is easy – raising two wonderful sons who are now smart, responsible, and independent young men while being able to pursue a successful career.

Most memorable Trinity moment: I have several – all during my junior year Fieldwork and Methodology class. We were researching early childhood education programs, and visited the Office of Economic Opportunity, the old Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and all over the Hill. My group interviewed Congressman William Steiger (we were all smitten by this good-looking “up-and-comer”), Jule Sugarman (who ran the nationwide Head Start program for its first five years and former head of the OEO), Mark Arnold (recognized journalist at the National Journal), and many staff members at various federal agencies and with Congressional committees. What a thrilling semester to work on a major public policy issue with the city of Washington and its people as our library.

Last book read: David Baldacci’s The First Family and Gwen Ifill’s The Break Through – Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.

My idea of a perfect vacation: Travel anywhere in Europe, experiencing other cultures, art, architecture, scenery, and food and wine.

If I were stranded on a deserted island, I would have to have: A huge supply of batteries so that I could keep my iPod playing music every day.

The three people I would most like to have dinner with: If I could bring them back, it would be FDR (our longest serving president), Joshua Chamberlin (Union colonel at the Battle of Gettysburg, later governor of Maine and president of Bowdoin College) and Tim Russert (journalist). Of those still living, Tom Brokaw (journalist), David McCullough (author/historian), and Rick Steves (European travel guide and television host).

Why I am a Trinity Trustee: Trinity has always had as its core mission the education of women – nothing has changed since the turn of the last century. Today, Trinity serves a unique group of students who are seeking to better themselves, many of them against tremendous odds. Trinity provides the nurturing environment and the academic discipline and excellence for them to receive a high quality education and to continue their success in their professional and personal lives after graduation.