Trustee Profile: Argelia Rodriguez

Trustee Profile: Argelia Rodriguez


Argelia Rodriguez

Argelia Rodriguez

Hometown: Havana, Cuba, then Dallas, TX.

Alma Mater: Stanford University.

Major: Industrial engineering/operations research.

Graduate Study: Harvard Business School: marketing/strategic planning.

Employment: D.C. College Access Program (DC-CAP).

Accomplishment of which you are most proud:Starting up DC-CAP ten years ago, and now celebrating having helped send more than 11,500 disadvantaged D.C. students to college.

Most memorable Trinity moment: First Trinity board meeting when I got to meet some of the student body leaders.

Last book read: Does the New York Times count?

My idea of a perfect vacation: Doing anything in Tahiti.

If I were stranded on a deserted island I would have to have: A nice bottle of Pinot Noir.

The three people I would most like to have dinner with: Albert Einstein, Tina Turner and Nelson Mandela.

Why I am a Trinity trustee: It’s a great school doing a tremendous job with our D.C. students and I want to help.

About DC-CAP: Under the leadership of Argelia Rodriguez, DC-CAP has an impressive track record of encouraging and enabling D.C. students to complete high school, enroll in college and earn their college degrees. DC-CAP is a nonprofit organization working in partnership with D.C. schools to provide counseling and financial assistant to students who might otherwise never have the opportunity to attend or graduate from college. DC-CAP provides individual and group advising, assistance in applying to college and applying for financial aid, college information resource centers and scholarships to students, and also provides parent education and support. In addition, DC-CAP works with D.C. public high school students for up to five years after high school graduation to make sure they are able to complete their college education.