General Studies (B.A.)

The General Studies program provides an interdisciplinary approach to academic learning that has grown in popularity and influence over the last hundred years as the Academy has matured to embrace a view of human knowledge as integrated, as related to experience and inseparable into fundamentally different spheres. Pursuit of the B.A. in General Studies provides students with the opportunity to attain skills and knowledge at the intersection of different academic disciplines in an integrated, coherent program of study. General studies students develop well-trained minds while honing critical thinking and writing skills. General Studies students also enjoy the flexibility to choose focal areas according to their interests and experience. An undergraduate degree in General Studies prepares students for many post-degree paths, including employment in the helping professions, human resources, public relations, public policy, and government related fields as well as post graduate degrees in these areas or in general studies, law or business.

An excellent degree completion program for students with transfer credits in a variety of different disciplines, Trinity’s Bachelor of Arts in General Studies allows students to specialize in humanities or to create an individualized degree program.

Major Requirements

The BA in General Studies requires the completion of the General Education Core and 42 credit hours in concentration courses, which include a required seminar. Students interested in a humanities concentration take at least 15 credit hours from that concentration area, which is detailed below.  Prospective General Studies majors should contact their academic advisor to develop a curriculum plan.

Required Courses

Required of all General Studies majors:

  • Senior Seminar: taken at the completion of major coursework
    GST 400 Senior Seminar in the Humanities

Humanities Concentration

The humanities concentration introduces students to philosophy, art, literature, history, and theology and religious studies. Study of the humanities encourages deep reflection on life and helps students make sense of personal and work experiences as they are situated within the larger context of the meaning of human existence. The humanities concentration is recommended for students interested in graduate study in humanities-related fields and law school or employment in fields requiring analytical thinking, writing, and communication skills, such as business, government, and public service.

These 15 credits are required for the humanities concentration:

  • GST 100 Humanity and Culture
  • FNAR 101 Survey: History of Art I
  • FNAR 102 Survey: History of Art II

Students should take 21 additional elective credits to fulfill this concentration.

Business Concentration

The business concentration introduces students to the fundamentals of business and the different facets of the business enterprise. The business concentration is recommended for students interested in potential entry level positions such as sales management, business analyst and/or executive assistant.

These 15 credits are required for the business concentration:

  • BADM 205 Legal Aspects of Business
  • BADM 213 Quantitative Methods of Business
  • BADM 325 Business Financial Management
  • BADM 373 Organizational Behavior
  • One 300 level business course
  • Co-requisite Course:
    • ENGL 209 Business Writing

Social Science Concentration

The social science concentration of the General Studies degree embraces the traditional subjects that form a shared intellectual heritage of our diverse culture, as well as promotes the integration, synthesis, and application of knowledge and communication. The program is particularly focused in the area of interpersonal communications, group dynamics, human services and social psychology.

These 15 credits are required for the social studies concentration:

  • HUMR 201 Introduction to Human Relations
  • HUMR 311 Research Methods for Human Relations
  • One 300 level Psychology course
  • One 200 level or above Sociology course
  • One 200 level or above Criminal Justice course
  • Co-requisite Courses:
    • POLS 103 The American Political Process
    • SSC 207 Writing for the Social Sciences

Program Policies

Advanced Placement:
Credits earned through AP examinations do not fulfill requirements of the general studies major.

CLEP Policy:
Credits earned through CLEP examinations do not fulfill requirements of the general studies major.

Grades in Major Courses:
Students are required to earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses counted to fulfill requirements for the major.

Pass/No Pass:
Courses fulfilling major requirements may not be taken pass/no pass.

TELL Policy: 
Students applying for credit in experiential learning should consult with the program faculty.

Transfer Credits:
Credits in courses equivalent to those required for the major from a similar institution may be accepted toward a major. Students majoring in general studies must take a minimum of four general studies courses at Trinity, including both the integrating seminar and the senior seminar.

Course Descriptions

As an interdisciplinary degree, General Studies includes coursework in many academic disciplines. Descriptions of courses designed for the program with GST designation follow; all other courses in the General Studies degree program can be found in the Catalog listed by their disciplinary prefix or on the Supporting Courses for the School of Professional Studies page of this Catalog.

GST 100 Humanity and Culture
GST 301 TELL Seminar
GST 400 Senior Seminar in the Humanities