Goals of the General Education Curriculum

The General Education Curriculum

In designing the general education curriculum for the College of Arts and Sciences, Trinity Washington University endorses the development of the full intellectual capacities of women in order to prepare those women for leadership in their personal and professional lives. Honoring our tradition as a liberal arts Catholic college for women, Trinity offers this curriculum in order to foster and sustain in our students growth in the knowledge, skills, and values inherent in the liberal arts.

Curricular Areas of the General Education Curriculum

The general education curriculum focuses on four different curricular areas:

Goals of the General Education Curriculum

Over the course of four years, students take courses within each of these areas to achieve eight goals linked to the completion of the general education curriculum. As a result of successfully completing Trinity’s general education curriculum, students will be able to:

  1. Read, understand, and analyze texts;
  2. Communicate effectively in speech and in writing;
  3. Understand and use quantitative reasoning to solve problems;
  4. Locate, evaluate, and synthesize information in the construction of knowledge;
  5. Explore and connect fields of knowledge in the liberal arts;
  6. Develop facility for moral reasoning and examine the moral and religious dimensions of human experience; and
  7. Develop capacities for responsible citizenship and leadership in diverse communities.