Policy on State Required Examinations

The Praxis I, ACT, SAT, and/or GRE

State-determined qualifying scores in reading, writing, and mathematics are required or entry into the M.A.T. program and as entry into the B.A. Education major and minor. Students must present official copies of passing scores based on the requirements of the District of Columbia. The Praxis I test is administered by the Educational Testing Service and measures reading, writing, and computational skills vital to all teacher candidates. Further information about the test, testing dates and locations can be obtained at E.T.S. (www.ets.org). Trinity’s school code is RA5796. Note: Assistance with Praxis I preparation is offered through the Office of Continuing Education. Preparation courses in Reading/Writing and in Math are offered each semester.

Students pursuing a B.A. in Education or an undergraduate minor in education must earn qualifying scores on the Praxis I, A.C.T., S.A.T., or G.R.E. prior to registering for education courses at the 300-level or above, with the exception of EDTE 301.

The Praxis II Examination

The Praxis II examinations, administered by the Educational Testing Service, measure prospective teachers’ knowledge of the subjects they will teach as well as how much they know about teaching that subject. Further information about these tests, testing dates and locations can be obtained at ETS (www.ets.org). Trinity recommends that M.A.T. candidates and B.A. in Education candidates register and take the Praxis II in their content and/or pedagogy area prior to or during student teaching. While passing the Praxis II is not a graduation requirement from Trinity, it is a certification requirement in the District of Columbia and surrounding jurisdictions. Trinity will not be able to process the paperwork for certification now required by the District of Columbia without official notification of passing scores on Praxis II.


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