Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)


Dr. Paul Williams, Director of Business Programs


Trinity offers a competency-based Master’s degree that prepares students for the management and leadership of today’s complex organizations. The Trinity MBA begins with an integrative foundational course for all students, and ends with a capstone course, yet provides the flexibility of scheduling courses to meet the needs of busy professionals. Through an innovative combination of academic coursework and professional development activities, students build competencies in critical thinking, strategic management, cultural understanding, problem solving, and values-based leadership.  The Trinity MBA fosters purposeful reflection, learning, and development of ethical standards in regard to personal and corporate social responsibility.

Core competencies:

  • Critical thinking
  • Strategic Management
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Problem-solving
  • Values-based Leadership

The MBA program is structured so that students can complete the program within two years taking no more than two courses at one time.  The majority of the courses are eight week modules.  There are a total of 48 credit hours required, specifically the following courses:

Degree Requirements

To complete the Master of Business in Administration degree, students must take the following courses:
INT 501 BGS Transitions Seminar for Graduate Students
BADM 601 MBA Fundamentals
BADM 603 Communication for Managers
BADM 607 Managerial Statistics
BADM 621 Economics for Business Decision Making
BADM 625 Financial and Managerial Accounting
BADM 627 Corporate Finance
BADM 633 Entrepreneurial Marketing and Sales
BADM 641 Technology and Operations Management
BADM 651 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
BADM 657 Project Management
BADM 673 Effective Human Resource Strategies
BADM 681 Global Strategic Management
BADM 682 Strategic Management
BADM 696 Organizational Dynamics
BADM 697 Corporate Governance, Ethics and Social Responsibility
BADM 699 MBA Capstone