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Occupational Therapy


For graduate students who wish to become professional counselors:

Allied Health

The Bachelor of Arts in Health Services is an interdisciplinary program offered in the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Professional Studies. The degree program offers three tracks in: healthcare management, wellness, and patient advocacy.

During the COVID-19 emergency, we will not always be able to help you in-person, but we can still help you virtually!  Please use this contact list to stay in touch:

Dr. Mary Romanello; 202-884-9677

Dr. Cynthia Greer, Associate Professor; 202-884-9595
Dr. Lu Oprea, Associate Professor; 202-884-9218
Dr. Diane Reese, Assistant Professor; 202-884-9578

Health Services
Dr. Nicole Betschman, Program Chair; 202-884-9694

Master of Occupational Therapy
Dr. Timothy Holley, Program Director; 202-884-9672
Dr. Rashida Daye-Campbell, Assistant Professor; 202-884-9675
Dr. Elizabeth Palmer, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator; 202-884-9689

Dr. Denise Pope, Associate Dean and Chief Nursing Officer; 202-884-9682
Dr. Intima Alrimawi, Assistant Professor; 202-884-9685
Dr. Denyse Barkley, Assistant Professor; 202-884-9681
Mrs. Keisha Rollins-Monroe, Assistant Professor;202-884-9679
Dr. Carrie O’Reilly, Assistant Professor; 202-884-9680
Ms. Sarah R. Trippensee, Nursing Academic Advisor; 202-884-9684

Occupational Therapy Assistant
Mrs. Lisa Simmons, Program Director; 202-884-9687

Trinity’s School of Nursing and Health Professions educates health care leaders who make a difference in their patients’ lives and in the health care of our communities.

Why Choose a Trinity Allied Health Program?

  • The most affordable tuition of any private institution of higher learning in the District of Columbia
  • Fabulous faculty committed to your success
  • Academic programs that prepare you for a career
  • Small class sizes where people know your name
  • Staff eager to help you
  • Students get selected for summer externships at DC hospitals
  • Students study, work with, and learn from people from diverse backgrounds
  • Clinical, fieldwork, and internships experiences allow students to apply their course work in everyday settings
  • Students participate in professional organizations 

Graduates enter professional practice where they can:

  • Improve people’s quality of life
  • Provide people with access to good health care
  • Are employed in hospitals, clinics, wellness facilities, rehabilitation centers and other healthcare practices.

Join us at Trinity and make a difference in your own and others’ lives.

Student Learning Outcomes

In the classroom and clinical practice Trinity’s health service, nursing, and occupational therapy graduates in the School of Nursing and Health Professions are expected to meet learning outcomes that:

  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills
  • Apply evidence based practice within a professional context
  • Demonstrate critical thinking as evidenced by the delivery of safe, ethical and legal care as a member of an interprofessional health care team
  • Demonstrate leadership in the healthcare field
  • Successfully attain professional licensure or certification

Contact Information

125 Michigan Ave NE
School of Nursing & Health Professions
Dr. Mary Romanello, Dean
202-884-9677Nursing Program
nursingprogram@Trinitydc.eduDr. Denise Pope, Associate Dean of Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer
202-884-9682Occupational Therapy Programs
occupationaltherapy@trinitydc.eduMs. Lisa Simmons,
Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Director
202-884-9687Dr. Timothy Holley,
Master of Occupational Therapy


Trinity allied health students take advantage of clinical experiences in and around Washington, DC.  A partial listing of our partnerships include:

  • Children’s National Health System
  • National Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Sibley Hospital
  • Washington Hospital Center
  • Trinity Center for Women and Girls in Sports

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