The Trinity Office of Admissions is here to support and guide you throughout the admissions process. Please contact us at 202-884-9400 or to discuss your educational aspirations, schedule an appointment or request assistance with your application.

Monica Moody Moore
Vice President – Recruitment and Marketing

Monica is a seasoned higher education administrator with 25 years of global experience in India, China, Africa and Latin America, and entrepreneurial endeavors in educational consulting and online program development. Moore has robust professional experience in Marketing and Academic Program Development and has been instrumental in the launch of new programs at several institutions.  Moore also has deep experience in College Admissions (undergraduate and graduate), Teaching/Instruction (onsite/online, graduate, undergraduate, executive education), Fundraising & Alumni Affairs, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Recently, Monica joined Trinity Washington University as the Vice President of Marketing & Recruitment responsible for the positioning and growth of all of Trinity’s academic programs.  Previously, Monica served as the Associate Dean for the Online MBA (OMBA) at the Questrom School of Business at Boston University.

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Victoria Nichols
Associate Vice President for Admissions

College of Arts and Sciences
Admissions Recruiter Sheyny Barahona

Sheyny Barahona
Enrollment Recruiter, College of Arts and Sciences

Sheyny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Trinity.  As the first in her family to attend college, she has always been a strong advocate for education. Sheyny helps young children understand the importance of their education through volunteer work at her elementary school, and has also worked in post-secondary education.

Dee Holtzner
Enrollment Recruiter, College of Arts and Sciences

Dee Holtzner knows that the college decision-making process is imperative for young adults to succeed in their educational goals. With over two decades of Higher Education experience, she has worked with various students at CCBC, University of Baltimore, John Hopkins School of Medicine, and now Trinity Washington University.

Dee is passionate about providing equal opportunities for all students to obtain a quality education. She believes a quality education offers hope for the future, which unlocks analytical thinking, builds interpretation skills, provides explanations, and creates an open mind that allows students to develop problem-solving skills; which contributes to the whole person and provides a better quality of life.

She is intrigued by the different social, economic factors that link all cultural norms and values together, with a strong desire to break generational norms by gathering information through research and studies in Human Service and Psychology.

Jessica Izara-Rosales
Recruiting Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences

Jessica guides students through the admission process and helps them find the right program for them in the School of Nursing and Health Professions. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in business administration. As a Trinity Alumna, she enjoys volunteering at the Capital Area Food Bank as well as participating as a student ambassador for admissions. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, exercising, and reading.

Professional Programs
Education & Counseling

Zachary Turner
Enrollment Recruiter for Education

Zach has been in Higher Education since 2013, working in Admissions under several different degree verticals. He enjoys connecting with students to help them achieve their long-term professional and educational goals.

Business & Communications

Mark Murphy
Enrollment Recruiter

Mark received his Masters of Arts in Human Services Counseling with a specialization in Executive Leadership from Liberty University, and his Bachelor of Science, Business Management from Barton College. He has over nine years of experience in Higher Education in the traditional and non-traditional space. Mark enjoys traveling abroad, laughing, and spending time with family and friends.

Nursing & Health

Taslima Islam
Associate Director for Recruitment, Nursing and Health Professions

Taslima ensures students never settle for less than what they deserve – a quality college education from a top-tier, community-oriented institution such as Trinity Washington University. Primarily connecting with  hard-working individuals through the admissions process, specifically those interested in Nursing and Occupational Therapy programs in the School of Nursing and Health Professions. With a broad range of experience working in higher education, technology, and consultative skills over the past decade at companies such as 2U, Apple, and Bloomberg, Taslima leverages skills & data analysis to assist students truly looking to discover their strengths within.

Professional Studies

Monee Bentley
Enrollment Recruiter, School of Professional Studies

Monee “Bentley” Bentley has a background in higher education and Human Resources. As an SPS Recruiter, she is passionate about advancing spaces for women of color and goes by the motto “students first”. She takes pride in enriching the lives of employees and is thrilled to deliver that same passion to prospective students. She is a double alumna of Trinity Washington University. Receiving both her graduate and an undergraduate degrees from Trinity. When not at work Bentley enjoys traveling, cooking, and shopping.

Undergraduate Evening & Weekend Programs

Cynthia Bond
Enrollment Recruiter, Undergraduate Evening & Weekend Programs

Cynthia seeks to empower others to accomplish their goals. Cynthia received her Master’s in Public Administration, Management, from the University of the District of Columbia, and her Bachelor of Science, Economics, from the University of Maryland College Park.  She is also a trained life coach. In her spare time, Cynthia provides service to the elderly, and takes joy in reading, dancing, and laughing.

Transfer and Military

Wanda Colon-Canales
Associate Director for Transfer Admissions
(International and Military)

Wanda guides transfer, military and international students as they apply to Trinity, and is committed and passionate about serving students like you.  She has worked in admissions for over 16 years and uses her experience as a former student and professional in admissions to help you navigate the “admission world”. Wanda was born in Puerto Rico and speaks Spanish. She holds a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Central State University, OH. 

Data and Operations

Ronique Jones-Brannock
Enrollment Support Specialist

Ronique she provides administrative support to recruiters for the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Professional Studies, School of Education, School of Nursing and Health Profession and School of Business and Graduate Studies. With her ebullient personality and incredible smile, Ronique greets prospective student and their families, and directs phone calls to the right recruiter. She enjoys volunteering at her local high school and encouraging young folks to continue their higher education.

Joselin Hunzelmann
Data Operations  Specialist

In 2017, Joselin graduated from Trinity with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Business Administration. She continued her education with a Master of Strategic Communications and Public Relations. Joselin has experience and knowledge in immigration law and recently worked two summers in Macau as a program assistant. She is passionate about politics, education, and enjoys learning Chinese as a third language. She travels often and spends quality time with her family.

Brenda Alvarado
Data Operations Specialist

Brenda focuses on data integrity, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of information over its life-cycle.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in Women Studies from Trinity Washington University. She is currently perusing a Master of Arts degree in School Counseling. She enjoys traveling, helping others, and spending time with family.