Links for Writers

Here are some useful links for writers. Each link opens in a new window, and most will take you away from the Trinity site. Simply close the new window when you’re finished viewing the page.


  • The OWL at Purdue
    This is the most comprehensive online writing lab available. Use the menu on the left side of the page to navigate.  If you’re looking for APA or MLA style guides, click ‘Research and Citation’. If you need help with your resume, click ‘Professional, Technical and Job Search Writing’. The list is extensive, so spend some time with this site! If you’re looking for help with APA or MLA style, use this link:
    Research and Citation

    If you have questions about general academic writing, like tone, style and argumentation, click here: Academic Writing
    If you would like detailed descriptions of common writing assignments, like summaries, proposals or annotated bibliographies, try this page:
    Common Writing Assignments
  • Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
    Every writer needs a dictionary and thesaurus, and these online versions are free of charge!  Expand your vocabulary and spice up your writing!
  • Encyclopedia Britannica Online
    A good encyclopedia will get you started with many writing projects.  Browse the site for topic ideas, or use it to keep up with current events.


  • Trinity Library Databases
    These databases are your key to a wealth of information on every topic imaginable. Take advantage of their advanced search features to find the resources you need quickly, without visiting a library.
  • The Seven Steps of the Research Process
    A solid plan is crucial to research success. Read this before you start researching and you will save time and effort on your project.
  • Citation Machine
    Here’s a place to start if you need quick help with citation styles like MLA and APA. Simply enter information for each of your sources, and this site will provide you with a sample citation. It’s great practice for learning to format citations on your own.
  • Evaluating Web Sites
    If you’re doing research online, you need to be able to determine quickly whether a web site is a good or bad source. This link will give you tips on evaluating web sites, and it also has links to web directories for specific research subjects.


  • Purdue OWL Writing Exercises
    These exercises are divided by type to help you practice specific skills. Use the menu on the left side of the screen to navigate between types of exercises.
  • ABE Books
    Good writers are readers, and this site offers deep discounts on all kinds of books. Whether you’re looking for a bestseller or a rare book, you can probably find it here for less.